Samhain, 2022 – A special message from Archangel Azrael

The end of harvest season & the beginning of winter

Samhain is a Celtic pagan festival celebrated between the 31st of October and the 1st of November, that marks the beginning of winter as well as the Celtic new year. The lighter half of the year, which includes the season of summer with its bountiful harvests, transitions into the darker half of the year, which is reigned by the challenging, cold, and dark season of winter.

In Celtic times, bonfires were lit at this fire festival to distribute flaming torches for the relighting of home hearths, symbolically replacing the warmth and light of the sun.

Samhain is considered to be the time of year, when the veil between our human world and the spirit world is at its thinnest. The concept of death and rebirth plays an important role at this turning point of the seasons, which takes place half way between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.

As the Archangel of death, rebirth, and major life transitions, Archangel Azrael is with us to share a special message about the spiritual meaning of the ancient festival of Samhain, which shows great relevance for us in this day and age.

My dearly beloved ones,

The festival of Samhain represents three important elements, that I would like to further expand on.

The first one is the recognition of the world of spirit, the unseen energies that are ever present around you.

However, this should not be considered as a source of fear for you, but as a source of deep, unconditional love, comfort, and support, which is always at your disposal.

At times when you feel lost in darkness and confusion or when you are on the brink of entering challenging life seasons, like the old Celtic people had to face the hardships of winter, know that you are never alone, but that you are surrounded by your natural allies, angels, and spirit guides, that came with you when you incarnated on Earth.

When you develop a close relationship with the higher realms and you become increasingly familiar with their powerful energy of love, you will become inspired to share this love with your community as well. Samhain provides you with the opportunity to invest in mutually beneficial relationships with the ones, who love and support you, and to clear out the energies and influences, that wear you down, which brings me to the next important element.

The second element, that the festival of Samhain represents, is the element of fire, which conjures up a powerful energy of transformation, as mentioned by Archangel Metatron in his message featuring the lit candles. This is the energy that breaks through the old, dissolves unwanted and outdated structures and patterns, and makes way for the new to enter.

Embrace the wind of change, that starts to blow, because of the union between your willingness and openness and the spiritual support and power from the higher realms.

Allow yourself to release everything that does not serve your highest good and allow your energy to be cleansed and cleared by this energetical turning point of endings and new beginnings. Take inspiration from nature by looking at how the trees effortlessly and freely shed their leaves, knowing that they will blossom again in their full glory, stronger and more powerful than ever before, in a new cycle of growth.

It takes courage to trust the changes in your life, but know that these cycles of death and rebirth are part of your growth as a soul incarnated in a human body. Nothing ever stays the same, the universe is dynamic in nature, ever expanding, and so are you.

At this portal of new beginnings and new growth, which also represents the last and third element, know that you are held in the warm and loving arms of the universal higher energies and that you are guided through this portal for your highest good. Entering this portal will bring you increased personal power, greater acceptance and love for yourself, and new opportunities and ventures, that will enrich your life’s experience. You can do it, dearest ones! You are the healers and instigators of a new world energy, where love and truth are weaved in every word and action.

I am Archangel Azrael, and I specialize in guiding you through the biggest transition you will ever make, which is your departure from this world, but before that time arrives for you, I am your loving guide through major life changes and spiritual growth. I will provide you with strength as well as loving comfort, ease, and well-being. My profound love for you can be instantly felt in your heart, when you call upon me. Do not hesitate to do so!

This message is also available on my Youtube channel!

3 thoughts on “Samhain, 2022 – A special message from Archangel Azrael”

  1. Dear Mariel, Thank you for sharing Archangel Azrael’s message. I was guided to him over the last few days, and it terrified me because all I could think of was loss. And yes, there is loss, because it is a matter of giving up the old ways and habits of seeking well being from another person. I asked Azrael to help me to know and feel the truth, which is that my happiness and well being are always available and always flowing to me, and all fo us, from Source. Sharing his message today is a great blessing. Thank you. I want more than anything else to know and live from my connection to Source, and put away the childish ways, that another person needs to fill that source of wellbeing, and do that all with compassion for myself and others. Blessings! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing, dear Madeline! 💕 How wonderful that Archangel Azrael’s message was helpful and that you had already reached out to him at this time of transformation for you. You are making good use of the current energies! 😊 Your story is very recognizable, altering our ways and releasing old habits takes time and practise, especially when they originate from childhood wounds and conditioning. You are so right to stay compassionate, forgiving, and patient in the process of change, but the fact, that you are already aware of your patterns and that you have set clear, new intentions with the help of your strong connection to Source, shows, that you are fastly moving in the right direction and that the energies are shifting for you. Our relationships with others will indeed be so much more relaxed, when we allow ourselves to be filled up with self-love and the powerful energy of true love, abundance, and joy from Source. It brings a sense of freedom to know, that we will be able to be happy and content anyway, on our own and independent of outer conditions, so that we can enjoy mutual love and companionship with other people without strain or unhealthy attachments! 😊Many blessings to you too! 🙏💛


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