Weekly angel message, October 31-November 6, 2022

The star

This week features the bright and shiny star as our angelic symbol.

Spiritually, the star represents inner truth, wisdom, optimism, hope, and clear insights and an elevated view on events and connections, that reach far into the future. The star heralds promising plans and prospects, and meaningful connections and encounters.

Stars can be experienced as sparks of light, referring to our intuition through which we receive spiritual messages and angelic guidance.

Being a star in our own right or reaching for the stars are motivational expressions related to the development and deployment of our own unique talents and gifts. Stars represent our goals as well as our motivational factors.

The pentacle or pentagram is a five-pointed star encompassed in a circle, which represents the balance and harmony between the four earthly elements of water, fire, air, and earth, and Spirit or Source, which is the fifth element of ether. The circle protects this alignment between heaven and earth.

This significant spiritual symbol of the pentacle shows our union with the Divine, our faith, and the interconnectedness of all life.

The calm and deeply loving Archangel Raguel has chosen the symbol of the star to illustrate his message for us.

My dearest ones,

In this season of intense feelings, heightened intuition, and significant transformational energies, I have come to help you keep your calm and create a grounded foundation of balance and harmony for yourself.

Last week, you received a metaphorical bag of spiritual pumpkin seeds from Archangel Jeremiel, that we are now going to cultivate and empower with your intentions and wishes, that are represented by the star symbolism.

Before we can start to plant these seeds, we need to prepare the soil, which is the creation of a peaceful and tranquil heart-space. This is a time of rest and reflection, where you willingly become the space in which the transformational energies can work their magic. All that is required is a slower pace of life with more moments of solitude and silence. Look after your energy-levels by taking care of your physical body and incorporating nurturing, gentle activities that enhance your well-being. Allow yourself to be in a place of not knowing all the answers right now and keep yourself open to the insights and revelations, that will arise in your intented space of receptivity and non-judgement when the time is right.

The stars not only represent your wishes, but also your true light and inner power, and the unique qualities of your soul. Your personal star-light is one of purity, abundance, and magic, which radiates naturally from you when you are in a state of balance with the universal energies. Unfortunately, this beautiful light is often dimmed by distorted perceptions of yourself and life in general. When you formulate your outer stars, that are your heartfelt wishes, and send them out into the universe, it is important that they energetically align with your inner stars, which are the higher qualities of your true nature. Are you formulating your wishes from a place of lack and comparison to others, which makes you feel that there is not enough or worse that you are not enough, or from a place of gratitude and worthiness, which makes you a beacon of light and deservingness?

The star symbolism teaches you to practise discernment, integrity, and truth. It helps you to dismantle the old stories in your mind and the inner wounds that taint the way you perceive reality, which brings us back to the seeds and the soil.

The soil for your seeds needs to be clear and pure. It requires an honest inventory of what is planted and grown in your spiritual garden. Are there weeds, that take away the nutrients from your seedlings, but that you mistake for beautiful flowers?

Do you allow hungry insects to eat away at your seedlings, because you think of them as harmless and not such a bad influence? How do I practise discernment and distinguish reality from my coloured perception, you ask? By bringing a groundedness and balance to your feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions that are ungrounded and unrevised turn into projections, that you assume to be true.

There are two important standards, that you can apply, when it comes to the purification of your spiritual seeds and soil. Do your feelings, thoughts, behaviour, and the influences that you allow into your life match your inner star-light and its qualities of surrender, trust, ease, joy, and higher knowing, or do they feel strained, needy, or even desperate? And secondly, are they contributing to your outer star-light here on earth, which is your sense of worthiness and deservingness of love, abundance, and well-being? What do they concretely add to the reality of your life? Take an honest look and determine if they are actually contributing to your sense of well-being or if they are eating away at your star-light and energy.

Allow yourself to align your inner and outer energies with your true wishes and higher intentions. If you wish for the stars, you need to be willing to let go of opposing elements in your life, that do not match this higher vibration and this season of transformation is the perfect opportunity to do so.

I encourage you to practise honesty and integrity, which means that you do not fool yourself with illusions or look the other way when your intuition and your soul are guiding you towards a new and higher path.

Be present on Earth and take an honest inventory of your life. Know, that you are a star in your own right and that you deserve to dwell in the energy of the stars, feeling hopeful and optimistic about having your wishes granted.

Your part is to stay powerfully grounded and balanced in your decision to follow your highest path of truth and integrity, no matter what changes or consequences this will bring about. No other person can determine what your best path is in life, but you, you are a uniquely bright and shining star! It is time to claim your star-power and immerse yourself in this beautiful healing and hopeful energy, which will lead to great fulfilment and joy if you remain consistent in your discernment, honest, and willing to tend to your spiritual garden!

Let me help you to stand your ground, prioritize, and simplify your life, so you can start to live the life your soul has wished for upon the stars. You deserve nothing less! With all my love and light, I am Archangel Raguel.

This message is also available on my Youtube channel!

3 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, October 31-November 6, 2022”

  1. Dear Sara, Archangel Raguel’s message is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment.! Thank you to both of you! I will reread it many times, I think. It is a great help in keeping me on my path, and getting me back on it when I slip off. Lots of love, Madeline

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Madeline, thank you so much! Lovely to hear from you as always! I am glad that Archangel Raguel’s words resonate with you. I often reread the Archangels’ messages as well. Although I channel and write them, there are often parts, phrases, or certain energies behind the words, that sink in fully later on. Angelic guidance is really timeless.😊 Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Marielle 💛


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