Weekly angel message, October 17-23, 2022

A burning candle

On a practical level, a lit candle contributes to a cosy and tranquil atmosphere. Its softly glowing light calms our nerves and helps us to relax and release tension.

Lighting a candle as part of a spritual practise alerts our spiritual helpers, creates an energy-field of energetic support, elevates our inner spiritual power, and strengthens our intentions to connect to the Divine.

Softly burning candles bring a sacredness to our moments of meditation, prayer, and healing. By using candles in different colours, we display our specific spiritual intentions and optimize the force field of each uniquely coloured candle to conduct and redirect our inner energies as well as the outer energies, that surround us.

The flame of a candle is connected to the element of fire, which represents transformation. Its qualities of brightness, heat, and motion can be both creative and destructive, instigating and accelerating powerful change and illumination in our lives.

The magnificent Archangel Metatron is with us this week to help us integrate the spiritual energy of the candle symbolism into our day to day lives. Here are his words of wisdom and encouragement to us.

My beloved ones,

What a wonderful time to engage with you again and to bring illumination to your darkening days of autumn! It is the excellent time to harness your spiritual light and power through quiet and tangible rituals such as the lighting of a candle with intention and faith.

When you ground the powerful universal energies through this focused, slow, and sacred action, you connect your earthly existence to the etheric, higher angelic realms.

This makes it easier for the energies to transform into denser forms and shapes as manifestations on Earth, because at these moments of quiet focus you become an open and cooperative channel for the powers of creation to flow into your world.

Your destiny as a human being is to bring heaven on earth, which means that you incorporate the higher energy part of you, that consists of pure love and light, in the physical part of you, that exists in and engages with the reality of life on earth. The truth of your soul seeps through into your heart, which brings a purity and innocence to all of your activities and actions.

Remember, that everything, that you perceive through your physical senses in your world, started out as pure energy in the spiritual realms, before it showed up as the inner and outer creations and experiences in your life. Your life therefore shows you how well you channeled and made use of your energetic powers. Have you created with intent and a purity of heart or were you unfocused, confused, and at the mercy of outer influences, such as other people and your present circumstances? The candle symbolizes your capacity to become an excellent manifestor and director of energies, when you choose to consciously align with your higher self and your allies in the higher realms, helping you to see through the veil between heaven and earth.

When you learn to work with rituals, that promote inner peace and bring a sense of stillness in your busy life, you are able to direct your focus and lift and light up your inner state of being far more easily than when you are like a twirling autumn leaf travelling in whatever direction the wind blows.

The softly lit candle in particular represents subtle illumination, that instigates calm and slow change. It symbolizes contained fire, a small flame, that slowly bursts into a full-blown fire of passion, creativity, and drive when the time is right.

The burning candle is a symbol of hope and new beginnings after healing from old cycles of pain, confusion, and hardships. Patiently comfort and soothe yourself in an atmosphere of calmness and tranquility. Let the symbolism of the lit candle be like a spiritual bridge of comfort and illumination for you, from your heart to the angelic realms. See how this bridge lights up and allows a powerful stream of unconditional love and light to flow into your energy-field, fuelling your little flame of hope and anticipation with renewed joy, excitement, and deep love for yourself and others as well as a fresh new positive perspective on your life. Soon your softly lit candle will become both a powerful bright inner light of clarity and a big beautiful flame of creativity, passion, and drive.

I encourage you, dear ones, to remember my words whenever you are lighting a candle in your home these coming months, especially those of you, who are in need of spiritual light in the darker and more reflective seasons of autumn and winter. You will create powerful openings of change and transformation when you focus with intention even for those few moments that you are lighting some candles around your home!

I am Archangel Metatron, your spiritual protector and supporter! Let me help you, especially those of you, who are sensitive to energy, to ground your spiritual energies, higher knowledge, love, and light into your earthly incarnations. Ask me for help and guidance on your path!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, October 17-23, 2022”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful message from Metatron. I ask his help all the time. Your drawsing of the Angels are beautiful. For most of the Angels, I can see which drawing is for whom, but some I cannot. Could you possibly label the drawings with the Angels names, or maybe post a list? Thank you! Madeline

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    1. Hello dearest Madeline, first of all, thank you so much for your generous donation, I appreciate it very much! 💛🙏How wonderful that you have such a close connection to Archangel Metatron and that you enjoyed his message this week! 💕Thank you for asking about my angel drawings! The angel drawings that you can see in the right side bar of this page, are of some of the guardian angels that I have introduced to my clients, who booked a personal guardian angel reading with me. I have posted these beautiful guardian angels on my website to display my work, but their names and depicted symbolism are part of personal readings and are only conveyed to each individual client. However, in the Archangels-section of this website, I have also posted drawings of (almost) each Archangel with their most significant symbols and colours. I am sure, you will recognize them! 😊 Thank you again, Madeline, have a lovely week and many blessings to you! 💛✨🥰


      1. Thank you for the explanation! That’s lovely. I apologize, I don’t know your name? Have a wonderful week!

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