Weekly angel message, September 26-October 2, 2022

The oak tree

The oak tree represents strength, courage, endurance, honour, wisdom, healing, and the protective power of faith.

This beautiful and majestic tree generously lends its noble, wholesome, wise, and truthful energy to those, who are in need of stability and strength in their lives, and who would benefit from higher guidance and inspiration.

Its roots travel deep into the earth allowing it to withstand seasonal storms, teaching us that we have nothing to fear from life when we too are firmly grounded to the earth.

The celtic name for the oak tree is duir, which translates as door. It is believed that the oak tree provides us with an access or doorway to the higher ethereal and angelic realms, where ancient knowledge, spiritual gifts, and higher guidance await us.

Just like last week, the wise and magical Archangel Raziel has come to provide us with another beautiful message by taking us through the magical “oak door” to further enlighten our life’s path.

Dearly beloved ones,

Once again, it is my absolute pleasure to convey a message of encouragement and enlightenment to you all!

At this time, I have chosen the powerful oak tree as a symbolic reference to my words of deep love and wisdom. The oak tree is often found solemnly standing on its own, away from other trees, and therefore more likely to attract a strike of lightning during a thunder storm.

Metaphorically speaking, when you get hit by spiritual lightning, it means that you receive crystal clear revelations and insights, that cause a sudden awakening and a new outlook on your internal state of being, your external personal life, your circumstances, and your surroundings. The easiest way to access this clarity is through standing alone in your own power for a while, to free yourself from attachments to other people and your outer world, and to regurlarly retreat into stillness.

Although the energy of the oak tree is the ultimate expression of strength, power, and determination, helping you to actively achieve your goals with responsibility and vigour, it also teaches the wise lesson to be open to your inner creative and intuitive flow, your ability to be flexible and to move with ease and fluidity. The oak tree is the perfect example of being strong without becoming too rigid or forceful. As a human being you wish to continuously move forward, reap the fruits of your commitments, and most of all reach a level of stability and a solid foundation for yourself and your loved ones in your earthly life, yet you often do not realise enough that there is an easier, more joyful way to accomplish this than through hard work and dedication alone.

That is why I would like to invite you on a magical journey, that lies behind the metaphorical energy portal of the mighty oak tree. Come with me and hear my loving guidance for you! This portal appears for you when you are overwhelmed with work and responsibilities, when you are confused about how to build on solid ground and what direction to take, and when you feel disappointed about the progression of your projects and even your spiritual growth. Know, that this portal is made known to you by lightning, which is often a sudden event or something that shakes you up, but with it comes the clarity your soul has been longing for.

The magical pathway behind this energy portal is one of balance between your inner divine masculine and feminine energies and between your earthly body and your soul. You achieve this balance through the practise of surrender, stillness, and faith, which allows you to receive higher guidance and inspiration and most of all the love and support from the angelic realms. From this place of inner knowing and trust you then start to apply it in your daily life by taking inspired actionsteps.

Everything you do, and everything your create and attract will carry this higher and uplifting energy with it. You no longer feel burdened or defeated by your own limiting thoughts, because your mind will be clear and will operate from a higher perspective. Your daily activities and undertakings on earth will be counterbalanced by a spiritual practise, that allows the presence of higher energies, love, and support to work at their best in your life. Know that you are always surrounded with the love and support from the universe, but now you are much more aware of it and you can easily tap into it. You will start to see and experience evidence of it all around you, because you are tuned in to this higher frequency.

When you hit a bump in the road this week, dear ones, think of the symbolism of the oak tree, and know that when lightning strikes, a magical doorway opens for you, which will bring you the opportunity to shift your energies and the way you live your life. Be compassionate with yourself and others, dear ones, your life is a blessed journey, which does not go unnoticed by the higher realms, you are greatly loves and appreciated for all of your growth and expansion. Your worth is immeasurable!

This weekly message is also available on Youtube!

2 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, September 26-October 2, 2022”

  1. Once again, thank you for your message from Raziel. For me, it was exactly felicitous. I have a wonderful oak tree in my yard, that I planted when I moved here. It has grown fast and tall. I greet this tree with a special affection. All the best! Madeline

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  2. Oh wow, how wonderfully magical to have planted your own special oak tree, that you cherish so much! It must bring a very blessed energy to your yard and your home, I love it! Thank you for sharing, dearest Madeline! 💛🙏🌳🍂


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