Weekly angel message, October 3-9, 2022

The Fly Agaric mushroom

The fly agaric mushroom or Amanita Muscaria represents nature’s strong energy and fertility, communication with and support of the spiritual realms, good health, safety, and protection.

This particular mushroom has a beautiful symbiotic relationship with several trees in the forest, among which last week’s symbol of the oak tree.

The fine fungal threads of the mushroom wrap around and penetrate the tree’s finer roots, helping the tree extract nutrients and water from the soil and protecting it against harmful organisms while receiving sugars from the tree in return. This shows up the mushroom as a powerful protector as well as a supporter of good health.

The fly agaric mushroom turns decaying natural material into new nutrients for the soil, teaching us the lesson of rebirth and prosperity. Success, joy, and abundance will start pouring in, when we keep on moving forward and transforming our darker side and less fortunate experiences into light and new opportunities, knowing that we are fully supported and protected by the universe at all times.

This week Archangel Michael wishes to use the symbolism of the fly agaric mushroom in his powerful message of protection to us.

Dear ones,

I am Archangel Michael, and I have come to deliver you my promise of support, wisdom, guidance, and protection. I have chosen the fly agaric mushroom as a symbol to illustrate the power, that flows through you when you start to open your heart with trust in the Divine, even just a little bit.

This tiny mushroom weaves a web of nurturing and protective threads all around the roots of magnificent trees, and although it is much smaller in size, its influence and support is extremely significant. The angels and higher beings of the spiritual realms are ever present in your vicinity and have woven their web of love, protection, and support all around you. When you start to realize this and tap into this enormously powerful energyflow, you will experience major shifts in your earthly reality.

I am here to emphasize the importance of maintaining your spiritual connection with the higher realms. Following Archangel Raziel’s advise to implement a spiritual practise in your life, I can only add that this will help you tremendously with the creation and implementation of a feeling of stability and safety in a world, that offers no reliable foundation what so ever because of its fleeting and capricious nature.

Let your relationship with the higher realms be like the symbiosis between the mushroom and the tree. Be mindful of the fact that underneath the surface of mundain life is a network of great love, support, and protection that is invisible to the eye, but is nevertheless interwoven with all life on earth, just like the long fungal threads of the mushroom are all around the root-systems of the trees. You truly have nothing to fear, dear ones, when you become aware of the structure and perfection of your spiritual support system.

Be like the tree and give your spirtual sugars, that are created through the spiritual photosynthesis of your inner light and your intuitive and emotional waters, in return. These sugars represent your sweet acknowledgments of spirit, your gratitude for the miracle of life, your expressions of happiness and joy, your higher values, and the fruits of the holy spirit, that unfold in your life.

This is not asked of you because of our benefit or need or because you owe a certain price in order to receive this great love and support. It is solely because it will help you to focus, to ascend to a higher level of perception, to sharpen your discernment, and to get familiar with a force and higher reality, that is much greater and vaster than yourself and what you can perceive through your physical senses in your three-dimensional world.

A time of great blessings is nearing, but not without the necessary clear-out of the old, which will conjure up uprooting vibrations in your collective world as well as in your personal life. I am here to tell you about the power of your joint light, your celebrations and togetherness with other souls on the path of enlightenment and freedom from lower limiting energies within and outside yourself, and also your personal intentions for growth and expansion.

I am Archangel Michael, and this is my call to you to rejoice in your partnership with the higher energies of unconditional love and light. Know, that no matter how much your world gets shaken to its core, and it will be a different experience for all of you, there is an immense number of higher beings and angels right there by your side, in fact you are greatly outnumbered when it comes to our presence.

You are always protected and safe, dear ones, do not fear, for fear is the opposite of love, and love is at the core of your being and at the core of the powerful universe. It is my absolute promise to you, dear ones, that you will not be let down!

Think clearly about what you bring into this world through your energy, words, thoughts, and actions. Is it sweet and soothing like sugar or is it biting and destructive like poison? Ask us for help, dear ones, to enlighten your path and to ignite your inner fire, right at this moment. Do not worry about the past or the future, all is well, all is well, all is well!

We happily await your requests and look forward to a fruitful and symbiotic collaboration with you!

In love and light, I am Archangel Michael!

This message is also available on my Youtube channel!

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