Weekly angel message, September 19-25, 2022

The frog

The frog represents rebirth, transformation, change, cleansing, purification, fertility, prosperity, and abundance.

This spirit animal helps us to take a leap of faith to bridge the distance between our hopes and dreams and our current reality by setting clear goals and taking the right action-steps with faith and courage while leaving unnecessary baggage behind.

The frog often appears in times of great change and at moments when we have to make an important decision, navigate between different situations, or distinguish the best direction to take.

Its symbolism encourages us to detoxify our lives on all levels, so we can allow a time of fertility to enter with the blossoming of new, creative ideas and fresh perspectives.

The frog symbolism asks us to embrace change and transitions as they are part of our growth process in life and they make us wiser and stronger human beings. Learning valuable lessons and gaining experience is part of our mission on earth. Frog spirit helps us to overcome our fear and resistance when we venture out of our comfort-zone.

The frog teaches us to nourish our soul, strengthen our spiritual connection, indulge in self-care, and remain calm, gentle, and peaceful, when we get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of life.

The magnificent Archangel Raziel has a beautiful, inspiring message for us, in which he further explains how we can apply the energy of the frog symbolism into our daily lives.

Dearly beloved ones,

I am Archangel Raziel, the Archangel of Divine wisdom, magic, and alchemy, and I wish to bring you some words of inspiration and encouragement today.

The frog as an angelic symbol represents a time of deep reflection and healing. It is necessary to stop yourself in your tracks from time to time, to reconnect to the spiritual realms, where your origin lies, and to review your life from a higher perspective. Moments like this will create an opening of stillness in your days, so you can listen to the higher wisdom and inspiration, that wish to reach you.

When you are on the threshold of great change, whether this is an inner shift of your perspective and belief systems or a significant outer change in your physical reality, the angels wish to bring you the clarity and discernment to see what is truly important in your life, what priorities will lead you to your highest good and your greatest fulfilment.

The frog is a creature related to the element of water, which symbolizes the beautiful graceful, clean, and flowing stream of life. When you are able to make use of this energy stream, that is filled with ancient wisdom, magic, and wonder, you find yourself navigating effortlessly on your path, having the clarity to make the highest choices for yourself and the discernment to see the highest truth and purpose behind all things and people.

The way to step into this magnificent stream is through the practise of stillness and meditative rest, through the practise of kindness, compassion, and grace, and through becoming mindful of how you affect the world with your energy. Are you contributing with love and care by being aware of how your words, thoughts, and actions impact others and the world around you? Are you aware of your own state of being by focusing on how you are truly feeling and functioning in your daily life? Do you let automatic and conditioned behaviours run your life or are you the one making a conscious stand for your well-being and happiness?

The frog is here to help you make a leap of faith, but not just a jump or stumble into the dark. No, a deliberate and guided one. One made with the legs of a frog. Powerful, green, flexible, and finely tuned legs, that represent a healed heart, a powerful core of inner knowing and confidence, and a wise and clear outlook on your jump and your place of landing.

I, Archangel Raziel, have come to invite you on a journey with me to the mysterious and wondrous realms of the universe, which is a journey into the depths of your own heart, dear ones, because you are the universe in all its glory. Take time to sink in your beautiful heart-space and see what is there. When you find sadness, loss, and pain, allow the frog spirit to take them from you and replace them with love, compassion, peace, and kindness. You can only be fulfilled and give equally to others from this higher energy within you.

There is great luck and blessings waiting for you all, dear ones. You have come this far and now is the time to step it up and choose to be free of all internal and external obstacles. The way to achieve this is to trust the signs and guidance, that the universe is providing you with, all day every day, through synchronicities in your surroundings and through your own inner guidance system, that consists of your emotional and intuitive waters.

Prepare, prepare, prepare your energy, dear ones! So your process of growth and expansion will be like the leap of a frog, graceful yet powerful, into a whole new way of living and experiencing your life! And once again, it is not so much about where you land, because you are evolving from that place again soon enough, but how you take the leap, it is the process of life and growth, that counts. Give yourself credit for the way you joyfully choose to live your life from moment to moment, instead of only for your achievements.

I am Archangel Raziel, and I am here to guide you and immerse you in my love, light, and wisdom.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly angel message, September 19-25, 2022”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful Angel message! The words and thoughts bring me a sense of peace and confirmation. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome, Madeline! 💛🙏Archangel Raziel’s message felt very profound to me and I am glad to hear that it resonated with you as well! Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it! 💕✨


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