Weekly angel message, July 18 – 24, 2022

The peacock butterfly

The peacock butterfly represents change and transformation by taking action towards our stability, security, and our foundation in life. This beautiful butterfly encourages us to show our true colours and beauty to the world and to be proud of who we are.

Its deep red colour radiates passion, warmth and friendliness, but also the courage to step out of our comfort-zone, when we have transformed our inner strength and stability to a higher level.

The four eyes on its wings symbolize a clear focus, spiritual vision, discernment, and insight into other people’s intentions. It inspires us to remain vigilant about the influences that surround us, but also insures us that we are being watched over by the angels.

Archangel Metatron kindly shares this week’s angel message with us:

My dearest listeners,

I am Archangel Metatron and I have some words of wisdom and inspiration for you to reflect on, at this time. Let me share with you the lesson that is within the symbolism of the peacock butterfly.

This beautiful creature has a striking appearance and stands out between its fellow insects. It shows its coloured wings and magnificent aerial performances to the world, but not before it was ready. It took some time for it to grow these wings and to allow them to fully develop. The struggle of this butterfly to break out of its cocoon and to morph from a caterpillar into a butterfly, prepared it to become strong and able to survive and thrive in the outside world.

Just like the butterfly, you are meant to shine your light and fulfil your life’s purpose by sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world, but not without preparing a balanced and stable foundation for yourself. This foundation consists of time spent in stillness, meditation, and contemplation for you to develop a clear outlook and insight of your true direction instead of getting caught up in just the “doing” part of your creative endeavours and getting drawn into other people’s projects, energies, and activities. Discern carefully what and who is truly worth your attention, light, and energy. Trust your heart, when it tells you what truly brings you joy and fulfilment and what are just obligatory activities, that have lost their appeal to you.

Your light and life energy are very precious, dear ones, spend them well and know that if you put your energy where your heart guides you to, it will multiply by manyfold, bringing you back blessings of abundance and joy. You will also attract the right people, means, timing, and support for your endeavours, dear ones, because you allow your heart to be your compass, which is where your higher guidance resides.

Recognize that other people’s energy has a profound influence on you. Use your discernment to see who lifts you up, inspires you, encourages you, and supports your spirit and soul mission, and who creates drama and distractions and does not respect your integrity and inner truth. The four eyes on the wings of the peacock butterfly suggest that you keep your eyes open towards all directions to spot unwanted influences and deflect them by your own sharpness of focus.

Remain under the radar from time to time and protect your creations until you know in your heart, that it is the right time to step up with noble intentions and with your highest truth and integrity, derived from time spent in sacred ritual and stillness. Then you will be ready and your impact on the world will be enormously beneficial to all souls, including yourself!

In love and light, I am Archangel Metatron, call upon me always for wisdom and support.

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel.

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