Weekly angel message, July 11 – 17, 2022

The dandelion flower

The dandelion flower also known as dens leonis, which means lion’s tooth, represents abundant power, resilience, healing, prosperity and happiness.

This flower refers to the power of the sun and our solar plexus chakra, where our will power resides. It teaches us how to balance joyful action with pure intentions and an inner belief in our worth and value.

The dandelion flower also symbolizes hope and the inner strength and higher wisdom to rise above unexpected or difficult situations. It helps us to remain open to possibilities and keep an optimistic and trusting outlook on life instead of becoming too tense, controlling and lost in our own projections on reality. This beautiful little yellow flower shows us how to flow with life and how to allow divine assistance to deliver our dreams and wishes according to our vibration of energy.

Archangel Raguel kindly conveys this week’s channeled angel message to us:

My beloved ones,

I am Archangel Raguel and I have come to bring you a message of hope and encouragement.

The dandelion flower is considered a weed and a nuisance by most people. It gets stepped on, trampled, and carelessly plucked out of the earth only to be disregarded, and yet this tenacious, little yellow flower finds its way back to the sunlight. It finds its power and strength even from the littlest fragments of roots it has left and grows back into its full glory. The dandelion flower does not bear any grudges from the injustice, which has been bestowed upon it by human words and deeds. Instead, the dandelion flower holds the love and light of the universe at its core and does what it does best, blessing the earth and its inhabitants with its uplifting, joyful, yellow appearance, and its enormously beneficial healing traits.

As the Archangel of Divine justice and harmony, I bring you the lesson of the dandelion flower. In your earthly life, you encounter situations and people, that stir up emotions of anger, resentment, urges for retribution and revenge, and even harmful actions of violence. These are in fact all reactions of fear because you belief that others have the power to rob you of your happiness and well-being, when actually you are the only one, who attracts and creates your reality and experiences in life.

Your true power does not come from forcefully reacting with outrage and indignation, which will only escalate the situation, but from igniting your bright, inner light, your sun power, your deep inner knowing of your worth and value.

From this state of being you will be a vessel for Divine justice because your outlook is no longer coloured by anger and fear. You will act, speak, and engage with others from a place of clarity, understanding, and self-control. Your energy now radiates a natural authority and assertiveness while respectful boundaries are being established.

Your inner light is lit by releasing feelings of hurt and breaking down the walls of defense, that you have built around your heart. Restore your self-worth by shifting your focus and following the path, that brings you the greatest joy, which is the path of happy, loving thoughts and indulging in the passions of your heart. This will raise your energy vibration and change the way you perceive and experience reality.

Ask me to help you cool down overheated emotions and the escalated effects of unjust situations by rising above conflict and rage. I bring you my soft blue light of calmness and harmony. Balance out the distortion in your sun power, that shows up as anger, with a soft breeze of love, compassion, and non-judgement, dear ones.

Remember that you are blessed and greatly loved,

I am Archangel Raguel.


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