Weekly angel message, July 25 – 31, 2022

The beach

The beach represents relaxation, recovery, calmness, and peace.

It symbolizes the place where our spiritual side and our earthly orientated side come into balance by getting our restless, emotional needs met, reconnecting to the healing properties of the earth, and finding the freedom to focus on our true desires and the things we love to do in an ever-demanding world.

The energy of the beach helps us to navigate through the changes, that will shift our life experiences to match our newly found spiritual insights and higher level of understanding.

Archangel Raziel graciously delivers this week’s angelic message to us.

My dearest people,

I am Archangel Raziel and I have come to you today to share my message with you regarding your power of manifestation using the symbolism of the beach.

The beach is a beautiful location as it is the place where water meets earth under the influence of the magnetic powers of the sun and the moon.

The sea and the moon represent your spiritual state of being, your waters of intuition, your receptivity of inspired ideas and dreams, and your allowance of higher guidance and direction. The sand and the sun on the other hand, represent activating your power of drive and persistence, taking practical steps, making plans of action, and generating tangible results of abundance and success. Let me enlighten you how to balance these two parts with each other, which will lead to a transition in your earthly manifestations as a result of your spiritual work and wisdom.

I would like to invite you to imagine that you are sitting on a beach overlooking the sea or sit on an actual beach, if possible, but if you cannot get to a beach, let the beach come to you through your feelings and power of visualisation. The first step is to become as one with the sea, floating and flowing like a little wave on the sea. Allow an openness, a vastness to arise within you. The sea provides you with an access to a world beyond your thoughts and personal visions, it holds deep wisdom and guidance for you to receive with ease and clarity. The waters of the sea also make your personal worries, mental limitations and stories disappear. They are simply washed away and cleansed within the continuous rolling of waves from this enormous amount of water. All of a sudden, you realize how insignificant they are in the totality of the powerful universe. It deflates your ego and tears down the walls that you have put up around you, which prevent you from receiving the clarity and inspiration, that will guide you effortlessly on your life’s path.

Now that you are in a state of being, open to change and transformation, you shift your focus to the sun shining above your head and the warm sand beneath your hands. Allow the sun to empower you with strength, stamina, and energy to take the next step. Now that your old stories of pain, restriction, and disappointment have been washed away by the sea, you are no longer hindered from taking responsibility for your life and moving into the direction of your dreams. When you observe little children building castles in the sand on the beach, you see how they use their imagination with joyful enthusiasm and fully engage in their activity. This is the energy you need to start shaping your reality, not to build sandcastles, but so much more than that, your legacy on earth!

Do not underestimate the power of imagination and visualisation. They are at the basis of every successful endeavour and manifestation. When your spiritual balance and well-being is your starting point, the creation and building processes will be effortless and full of joy. Use this mediation of the beach often, especially at this time in summer, when it is easier for you to identify with the feeling.

I am archangel Raziel, your spiritual advisor and confidant. Ask me to help you to allow higher wisdom and spiritual understanding to enter your life.

The video version of this angel message is also available on my Youtube channel.

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