Weekly angel message – July 4 – 10, 2022

The sun

The sun gifts us the powers of intellect, insight and wisdom to evaluate our goals and to look at what we really wish to manifest in our lives.

It awakens and strengthens our personal power to take inspired action steps with commitment and determination.

The warmth and brightness of the summer sun also brings us gifts of happiness, healing, and joy, that light up our heart and mind.

The beautiful Archangel Verchiel is the Archangel of the month of July and governs the summer sun. His energy resonates with the qualities of affection, nobility, a generous heart, and an optimistic outlook on life. He teaches us, that life is about a happy balance between work and play and he encourages us to make time for pleasure and leisure.

This week’s channeled angel message contains his words of wisdom:

My dearest ones,

I am Archangel Verchiel and I am here to bring you a message of peace and surrender. When you think of the bright, radiant sun, it does not seem to be a symbol of peace and surrender, and yet it is, because if you wish to work with the energies of the sun, you need an openness inside your heart, inner peace and a sense of deeply rooted trust. Only then can these powerful energies arise within you.

If you are all closed up and unable to freely flow your energy, this kind of power and wisdom becomes uncomfortable for you to handle. It will feel like an inner struggle between a need for control and security and true power and wisdom, that want to come through you. The sun represents the element of fire and fire ignites, warms, brightens, and lights up, but it can also burn you out, if you do not allow it to express itself.

If you intend to work with the energy of the sun this coming week, I am right here by your side to help you allow your true power to arise within you by pointing you towards inner peace, which comes from recognizing your natural rhythms, and your faith in life, which comes from deepening your trust.

Your natural rhythms dictate your time for action and your time for and relaxation. I encourage you to loosen your hold and focus on the flow of life to learn to feel your natural rhythms and make the most of both of these times.

Relaxtion is not a luxury, you see, it is a necessity to thrive and be happy and joyful in your life. Being outside under the sun in your world, requires the same approach and teaches you the same lesson, The sunlight lifts your spirit, heals your body, motivates you, and assists you with your jobs in the outside world, but if you do not respect the power of the sun by continuing your activities and not allowing yourself to rest or slow down, the same sunlight starts to work against you, burn you and make you feel ill, overheated and dizzy.

Trust is something that can be cultivated by your focus on the sacredness of the present moment instead of giving in to worry and anxiety, that mostly take place in your mind. Intention and prayer are key, which means putting your focus on where you wish to go and what you would like to feel and experience and then asking your allies in the higher realms to help you with it. Faith comes from the higher knowing, that there is more to your world than meets the eye. There are energies at play, that are so powerful and yet so deeply loving and appreciative of you, that will guide you and keep you safe.

I have gifted you the golden combination to work with the energy of the sun, remember my words when you bathe in the beautiful sunlight of summer, smile, and know that you are well. With all my love and light,

I am Archangel Verchiel.


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