Weekly angel message – June 27 – July 3, 2022

The Dolphin

represents harmony, balance, freedom, and independence. These energies help us to feel at ease in our own skin and environment and to engage in joy, laughter, and playfulness.

The dolphin spirit brings through Archangel Uriel’s ninth dimensional golden light frequency, which carries immense wisdom and healing power. The angels are encouraging us to spread our light, wisdom, and natural healing abilities with a spirit of lightness, joy, and grace. The dolphin symbolism reminds us to live, speak and interact from our heart rather than from our head, which connects us more deeply to the present moment and helps us to stay open, compassionate, and forgiving towards ourselves and others.

Dearest and beloved ones,

Once again, we are delighted to convey our words to you and immerse you in our heavenly energies of love and light. We are delighted to point you towards de-light, which means letting your light come away from you or shining your light. When you take on the energy of delight, you radiate a very powerful higher energy, which allows you to bring wisdom and healing into your world as well as to manifest your dreams and wishes into your 3D reality.

There is a time to be strong in setting your focused intentions and following your inspired actions steps, there is a time to work on your personal growth and to dive deeply into your inner world, and then there is a time to simply step out of the way, to surrender and trust, and see how the universe will deliver, how the universe will magically lift away blocks and obstacles, and how the universe will shower you with blessings.

The best way to enhance this energy flow is to relax, rest and retreat in a state of joyful bliss, knowing that you are being lifted up and cared for by the universal energies, that will manage the details for you.

We encourage you to metaphorically swim with the dolphins for a while, which means that you allow yourself to flow with the stream of life with a sense of ease, trust, and surrender. Your inner realisation and knowing that you truly are a beautiful and powerful energy being allows you to trust the universal energies and processes.

There is nothing that you have to prove to be deserving of a life of joy and ease. Let all your fears and doubts wash away in the ocean of love and light guarded by the loving dolphins and know and enjoy your true higher nature!

Gratefully and wholeheartedly receive your blessings, dear ones, and know that you deserve them, because your mere presence on this earth invokes a stream of love, appreciation, and abundance from the higher realms towards you, that is beyond your imagination. Then pass on and multiply these blessings by blessing your fellow human beings with all that you are!

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