Weekly angel message – June 20 – 26, 2022

The cornflower

represents positive hope for the future, strength and freedom.

Its Latin name “Centaurea Cyanus” is a reference to Chiron, the wounded healer, and our indigo blue third eye chakra, which reminds us that only through recognizing our own inner wounds through the higher perspective of our spiritual wisdom, can we find true healing and become a beacon of light for others.

Dearest and beloved ones,

At this time, we bring you a message of healing. Healing the stagnation and distortion in your energy field, that stem from old wounds and outdated belief systems and that affect your ability to take action towards your dreams in a productive and successful way.

When you only use your willpower and hard work to try and reach your goals without aligning your energy and tapping into your higher clarity and wisdom, you will continue to run into the proverbial blocks on the road, that reflect back to you what is out of balance inside of you. It will feel like driving a fast car, but your core wounds continuously stepping on the brakes, when all you truly desire is to move forward with ease and to experience effortless progression.

Your inner work is just as important as your outer work and your achievements in this world. If you wish to contribute in a meaningful way to your planet and the people in this world, you are being encouraged to show up in your full power, which means that you know your true divine and higher nature and that you are one with the universal powers that propel you forward in your life.

This will also help you to find your own unique path without getting side-tracked by the opinions and influences of other people, because your sense of security is no longer solely rooted in the earth plane, but also in the higher realms, where there is a treasure of inspiration waiting for you to utilize and integrate into your action steps.

Trust that the universe will provide you with the right opportunities, inspiration, means, situations, and people. All you have to do, is allow the universe to work through you by being a clear channel, which you can achieve by tending to your own well-being and energy-frequency.

Recognize your old outdated ways and wounds, start to release them, and replace them with a better vision, a better story, a more authentic version of yourself, so you can show up in your full glory, radiating a natural confidence, being a beacon of light and working miracles, which can only come forth from a solid connection with your higher self!

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