Archangel Azrael’s message for the summer solstice

Celebrating Litha

Litha or Midsummer is the celebration of the summer solstice, the longest days of the year between June 20th and June 23rd.

It heralds the beginning of summer and celebrates the life-giving sun. Litha invites us to focus on joyful abundance and fun activities under the sun!

My beloved ones,

As the Archangel of transitions, endings and new beginnings, I would like to warmly and joyfully convey my message to you.

The summer solstice heralds the beginning of a new season with a clear new energy, the energy of the sun. The sun abundantly shines its light, stimulates growth, and accelerates the ripening of fruit and the blossoming of flowers in nature.

In a spiritual sense the sun brings enlightenment and wisdom to your projects and personal growth. It reveals what has been hidden, and clears away mental and emotional confusion. The sun enhances your personal power, ignites your inner strength and wisdom, and brings an energy of warmth and happiness.

This is an excellent time for healing and self-nourishment as you make the transition from the active energy of spring to the laid-back energy of summer. Use this season of the sun to rebalance and revitalize your energy by taking in the precious rays of the sun. Relax and make room for contemplation to allow a new perspective, a new clarity, and a new personal truth to rise from within you, which will prepare you for a fresh new beginning on a higher level than before!

I, Archangel Azrael, would like to point out that this year’s summer solstice specifically brings up the subject of heart healing through the innate knowing that you are a beloved and highly valued child of the universe. Let the sun empower you to take back leadership of your life, close out the old cycle that no longer serves you, and take on your divine birth right of joy and happiness this summer, and do not forget to invite us angels to always be by your side with our uplifting energy of love and light!

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