Special angel message & symbol for the full strawberry super moon

The swallow

The angels showed me a swallow in flight as their symbol of choice for the energy of this week’s super moon. Their message goes as follows:

Dearest hearers of our words,

Once again we are so happy to convey this message to you. We would like to introduce you to the energy of the swallow, a beautiful little bird, that swirls through the air without limitations. That is exactly what we want you to feel like, free and boundless, breaking through your limitations and expanding out of your comfort-zone.

The season of summer is about to start and this is a time of natural growth and abundance. You can energetically start to harvest the fruits of joy and abundance by letting go of heavy energies and retreating in stillness to regain your inner peace.

Inner peace is not hard to find. It comes naturally to you when you cease the process of thought.

When you look at the moon from where ever you are on this planet, remember these three things:

Make time to be playful and have fun

Think of what you appreciate and are grateful for

Forgive yourself and others for making life harder than it needs to be

Much of human drama is unnecessary and merely serves as a distraction or even an excuse not to take action towards your dreams and well-being.

We are here to tell you that every little step made with intention and resolution makes a difference in your life. Many little steps will eventually lead to a major shift and change in energy.

Ask for our help and we will guide you with our light and inspiration, because we love you so very much, dear ones!

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