Angel message – June 13-19, 2022

The bumblebee

represents community, brightness, joy and personal power.

It teaches us to joyfully focus our energy and become fully engaged in our creative endeavours while feeling worthy of receiving the sweetness of life.

Dearest and beloved ones, we are very happy to further expand on the energy that the bumblebee represents for you at this beautiful moment in time.

The bumblebee is an industrious little being that carries out his work with ease and in the flow of life. There is no strain or effort, just a clear focus and a happy, open energy, because unlike human beings there are no thoughts that distract him and there is no emotional baggage that slows him down.

The bumblebee does not get overwhelmed or burdened with his task in nature, because he is able to naturally direct his energy towards his highest good and that of his surroundings and community. He is at one with the universal energies that guide him and carry him through his short little life.

Our invitation to you this week, dear ones, is to take an honest inventory of your thoughts and emotional responses that overwhelm you and deplete you of your precious energy. Try to collect and stabilize your scattered thoughts, or better still, quiet your thoughts in meditation and stillness for a while. Firmly and responsibly choose not to worry or get emotionally upset about past issues or future events.

Just let your worries and concerns wash away into the loving hands of us angels. Stay in the present moment and be selective about what you allow into your mental and emotional energy bodies. Know that just like the small bumblebee, you are greatly loved and appreciated by the universe and you have access to immense powers of creation and manifestation without having to struggle or wear yourself out.

Try to be pure, open and trusting in life and just bring a little bit more joy and sweetness into your daily routines. You possess all the tools to thrive in life, they are within your heart and within your reach, believe that you are worthy. It is up to you to choose upliftment over exhaustion!

Think of the wise creature that is the humble bumble bee!

I believe in my own value and selfworth and I act upon this belief by recognizing, appreciating and honing my talents and skills for my own benefit and that of my community!

– Flowing with angels –

On a deeper level you are already complete. When you realize that, there is a joyous energy behind what you do.

Eckhart Tolle

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