Message from Archangel Nathaniel featuring the map and the compass

How to prepare for our journey

Archangel Nathaniel announces a time of fast movement and considerable growth if we throroughly prepare ourselves for the journey with a symbolic map and compass.

The map represents the territory of life and our spiritual landscape on which we base our decisions about our spiritual direction and the actions we need to take to progress in life. The map also shows us where we are, but we need conscious awareness and a higher clarity to understand and interpret it. This is why we also need our spiritual compass, which is based on the balance of both the tools of our intellect and our intuition.

It is important to consider how we spend our time and direct our energy to calibrate this inner compass. Do we focus our attention on subjects that positively feed and shape our mind and do we tune into the voice of our intuition by entering a state of silence on a regular basis?

When our spiritual compass is directed towards our true north, or the innermost desire of our soul, we are discovering our authentic selves, living purposefully, and unlocking our greatest potential, joy, and fulfilment in life.

Dear ones,

At this time of great movement and powerful energy-shifts, I, Archangel Nathaniel, have come to join you once again to encourage you to wake up to your highest potential, true self, and inner power! There is a constant, unchanging source of truth, life, and love within you that awaits your attention and your attunement to it. Remember that you are the creator of your own life and perceived reality, and you are equipped with all the tools, talents, and gifts you need to progress, grow, and flourish. Let me help you on your way by enlightening you about your spiritual map and compass, which will bring you clear insights on how to start living according to your soul’s purpose.

Firstly, we are going to take a look at your map, which is partly filled in with all the roads you have been traveling on so far, and partly blank because it represents the unknown territory that you have not discovered yet, the roads untraveled.

How exciting and fun it is to be able to draw up your own map! Do you already feel an inner sense of adventure light up? Good! Let us start by acknowledging where you are and how far you have come on this journey called life. The best energy to immerse yourself in right now is that of gratitude and appreciation, as you are here, alive and present, a beautiful worthy being of love and light incarnated in a human body on this wonderful planet called Earth, and the life you have lived so far and the duality you have encountered have made you rich with experience and expansion. The beautiful thing about designing your own map is that you do not have to continue in the ways that are familiar and known to you, but that you get to experiment with and choose new pathways.

You are in charge, whether you wish to go left or right, whether to climb the mountains or find a new road around them, whether to travel over water or take the footpath through the woods, whether the roads allow you to travel fast or rather slowly, so you can soak in and enjoy your surroundings. I would like you to start by visualizing a blank canvas and allow yourself to fully embrace the knowing that you are the designer of your own map and that this empty space before you is filled with potential, rich new experiences, joy, adventure, and new people and places to meet and visit. Be conscious of the possibility of change, open your heart to a broadening of your horizon and the Divine promiss that all is possible no matter where you are at right now and no matter what you have lived before! Do you feel your inner creative fire light up?

Now that you are ready to start creating your future pathways, we are going to find out where you wish to go to and what you wish to experience. This is where your spiritual compass comes into the picture and it is your responsibility to calibrate it towards your true north!

Your true north is defined by your soul’s truth and the talents and gifts you naturally possess to live your personal mission and purpose and to enjoy the fulfilment of a rich and abundant human life on Earth. The place where your dreams and visions arise is a place of stillness, rest, and solitude, where the world with its loud voices and persistent influences gets shut out for a while, and where you can tune into the Source of all creativity, energy, and endless possibilities. It is here where the answers will flow into your conscious mind and it is here where you access clear inspiration, ideas, and insights on your true self and the depth of your potential.

When you emerge again, refreshed and revitalized, there are two pointers I wish to give you. The first one is to be aware of your own old limiting belief-systems and the influence of the opinions of others, who would rather have you traveling according to your old map instead of venturing out into new territory, and the second one is your own focus and attitude when you start to progress with your new ideas on your newly designed roads. Make sure not to sabotage yourself, but keep going back to those primary feelings of excitement and sense of adventure that we started this message with.

Keep going back to this place of fiery energy, keep retreating into stillness, and keep repeating this process until you notice that you are making progress and allowing change into your life. Once you start to move forward and experience the joy and upliftment on the roads of the newest part of your map, it will become easier and easier. You have learned to trust your own inner compass and you have learned to regularly check in and see if it is still pointing towards you true north. Bravo, dear ones, let me bless you with my powerful energy of motivation and strength, and ask me for support and guidance at any time! Enjoy your beautiful, rich lives, dear ones!

🧭 Have a wonderful week everyone, thank you for your love and support! 🙏💛🌞

© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

4 thoughts on “Message from Archangel Nathaniel featuring the map and the compass”

  1. What a wonderful message, dear Marielle, from Archangel Nathaniel! As soon as I began to read your message I felt a sense of urgency in the words. A sense of now is the time, move forward! Not anxiety, but sort of push. I realized that I have been hoping that someone would seek me out and join me. I must make this journey, adventure, on my own. It’s time for me to discover new roads on my own. There is a blank map before me. I know what I want to do. I know my true north. I just don’t know the exact paths to get there. I can see myself venturing forwards like your woman in the photo. I have to trust that the way will present itself as I proceed. Thank you, Marielle! Much love, Madeline

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  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, dear Madeline!🙏Yes, this message was indeed filled with Archangel Nathaniel’s famous motivational firepower and spirit of adventure. It gave me a sense of freedom as well. I believe that we have to initiate our journey ourselves, but that the companions we are wishing for to be by our side will show up along the way as we become more and more sure of our pathways and radiant with joy and excitement. It does feel scary at times, but fortunately we get to set the pace and can take small steps or pause whenever we feel too overwhelmed or anxious. I think it is wonderful that you are already clear on your true north and know what you want to do, that’s half the work already done!😉 I wish you a wonderful blessed week! With love, Marielle 💛🌞


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