Message from Archangel Azrael featuring the symbolism of the anchor

The anchor

The anchor represents hope, safety, strength, security, stability, and steadfastness. It keeps us firmly grounded to the earth and prevents that we get swept away and lost in the stormy emotional waters of life.

Our spiritual anchor is based on our personal belief-systems and our trust and faith in our own power, wisdom, and strength as well as the guidance from the higher realms of unconditional love and light.

With this solid spiritual tool we are able to anchor ourselves to a strong foundation of hope and optimism and are unafraid to venture out and live our lives to the fullest. When we symbolically lower our anchor to the bottom of the sea, we create a safe place in which we feel secure enough to relax and revitalize our energies. Pulling up our metaphorical anchor points to a new beginning, a new life journey, that we start with courage and resilience, often after challenging times of adversity and emotional setbacks. With focus and determination we find the strength to indefatigably push through towards our dreams and goals.

The shape of an anchor also has a significant meaning. The center of the cross on an anchor is said to represent the union of spirit and matter and the crescent with the two identical flukes, which are the typical hook-like arms, joined at the center, depicts a strong bond of love between two people.

Together with the symbols of the cross and the heart, the anchor forms the trinity of love, faith, and hope.

The beautiful symbolism of the anchor provides great stability in our lives, but also comes with the warning not to become too rigid in our ways to the point where we cannot be flexible or let go of ideas, concepts, or goals that no longer serve our highest good.

Let’s see what Archangel Azrael wishes to convey to us along side the energy-vibration of the anchor.

Dearly beloved ones,

At the heart of the anchor is the cross that represents the connection between Heaven and Earth and your deep spiritual awareness of this holy union.

I, Archangel Azrael, have come to meet you at this crossing point, to remind you of the immense support and love that the spirit world has for you, and how you can open your heart to this great source of warmth and wisdom that will enrich and bless your life on Earth, if you allow it.

The beautiful symbol of the anchor is a marvelous spiritual tool to help you find stability in the sea of life with its many currents, whirlpools, and flows, and as it is connected to both the spiritual plane and the earth plane, I will enlighten you on how to use this wonderful tool in both realms.

When you wish to anchor yourself to the spiritual world, you must be willing to commune and communicate in a way that suits these higher planes, which is by retreating from loud words and forced actions and by entering the place of inner stillness and embracing a state of surrender and release. It is as if you lay down your earthly vessel that is your body, and detach from your earthly possessions for a few moments, and remain only as a formless, pure energy-being that is not bound by earthly heaviness and limitations. In this meditative state and through your lucid dreams you are able to dance with the angels and laugh with your spirit guides, and return refreshed and revitalized to your daily life again.

However, it does not end there, but it continues with your heightened sensitivity of energy, the clear voice of your intuition, your increased awareness of signs and synchronicities that help and guide you when you are fully present in your body again and interacting with life on Earth as a human being. Your spiritual anchor is your deep inner knowing that you are never alone or forsaken, but that you are part of a large soul family of higher beings of unconditional love and light, who become as real and tangible to you as your loved ones in human form, because you have learned to speak their language and learned to recognize their presence, love, guidance, and support.

Now let’s see how you can anchor yourself to the Earth in a way that brings you the stability and security you need to feel happy and content in life. In relation to the spiritual realms and higher frequencies, the sea represents the waters of your intuition and clear channels through which you receive inspired guidance, love, and light, but in relation to the earth plane, the sea represents your emotions and feelings that can be tumultuous, uncomfortable, and even frightening from time to time. You will need to add different qualities to your anchor when it comes to your earthly affairs and existence.

The first quality is radical and brutal honesty, honesty about how you feel, how you came to feel this way, and what part you played in the stirring of your emotional waters. You must be willing to stand in front of a mirror and truly look at yourself, look at who you are right now, and submit yourself to a thorough act of self-reflection. When you cannot be honest with yourself, the world can never reflect your soul’s truth back to you and your view and perspective on life will always be distorted. Only through honesty and truth will you be able to hold a strong focus and create conscious change for the better.

The second quality you must add to your anchor is proper self-care. When you wish to attract stability, power, and strength on the earth plane, your vessel that is your magnificent body must be in the best possible condition, and this has not only to do with how you eat, exercise, and clothe yourself, but also with your mental and emotional diet. Be discerning of the influences that you allow into your life whether they are people, ideas, or material things, but remember that only you can decide for yourself what it is that serves your highest good. Be compassionate with yourself, but also with other people, when their choices and preferences do not match yours.

The last quality that I would like to mention to you is the power of your creative energies and how you apply them in your world. Use these creative juices to discover new pathways and endeavours for yourself that bring more balance and harmony to your life, because they light up your inner fire with joy and excitement. These activities or pursuits will counterbalance the sadness and disappointments of the inevitable storms in your life, and provide you with energy-fuel to keep on going when your road gets a little more rough.

The meeting point of the two flukes or hooked arms of the anchor represents a bond of deep love. Let’s apply this analogy to the ways you anchor yourself to the spritual realms and to the earth plane. When these two anchoring energies are implemented together, there will be an explosion of love and energy at the point where they meet, which will catapult you to new heights in your human existence. You will be called upon to be a beacon of light, a compassionate teacher, and a source of inspiration for others. Go and work your magic in your communities, dear ones, as you have graciously and willingly taken on the responsibility to become a true anchor of love and light in this beautiful world!

💛 Thank you, dear readers! Lots of love, light, and blessings to you!💛

© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

1 thought on “Message from Archangel Azrael featuring the symbolism of the anchor”

  1. Dear Marielle! Thank you for you beautiful message! Archangel Azrael’s words regarding being a compassionate teacher and so many other words, speak very clearly to me. I saw myself this past week the highly judgemental and critical part of myself. I could see it more clearly now and make course corrections a bit more easily, that I might be more compassionate with myself and and others. There is much to think about in what Archangel Azrael has to say. Truth! How do I hide the truth from myself? Courage. Stability. Thank you, Marielle! Much love and Blessings! Madeline

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