Message from Archangel Orion featuring the crow symbolism

The crow

The crow represents our spiritual and creative powers and acts as a mystical gateway to the higher spiritual realms and the magic and mysteries of life.

This fascinating and highly intelligent spirit animal helps us to access insights and understanding beyond the reach of the rational mind and to cultivate a sense of wonder and curiosity about the discovery of the unknown.

The crow symbolism is also associated with death as a process of transformation and signifies the end of an old cycle followed by a new beginning. When we go through big inner and outer changes in our lives, we often get pushed out of our comfort-zone and are confronted with inner parts that were previously hidden as well as triggered fears of letting go and embracing the unknown.

Crow encourages us to confront the shadowparts within ourselves and the negativity we observe in the outer world around us with fearless audacity and a clear and higher perspective.

When we look at the duality of life without judgement and attachment, our powerful light of awareness will integrate the seemingly contradictionary energies of light and darkness, which will allow us to rise above the negative aspects of our life’s experience.

When we are firmly rooted in the brightness of our own inner light, we are able to transcend the accompanying lower emotions of fear and victimhood and take responsibility as conscious manifestors and creators of our own reality.

As a master communicator, crow teaches us about the power of our words and reminds us that the way in which we speak determines what we attract back into our world. Crow inspires us to speak up for our truth, to claim our rightful space, and to set healthy boundaries.

Archangel Orion is the galactic Archangel of manifestion and spiritual rebirth and resurrection. Let’s find out how the energy of the crow spirit animal fits into his inspiring message for us.

Channeled message

Dear ones,

I, Archangel Orion, am delighted to be here with you and to convey this message to you. A message about the balance between the lighter and darker energies within you that is established through the mastery of your emotional reactions and responses to your inner and outer world.

Through the crow symbolism I would like to encourage you to face the parts of you that are afraid to allow you to navigate the currents of life with ease and flow and still keep you in the grip of rigidity and control. When these inner parts get challenged by a season of great change and transformation, they conjure up a whirlwind of emotional upheaval and restless thoughts.

The energy of the crow spirit reminds you to stay grounded when the energies of change seem to overwhelm you and to practise self-control and to apply a razorsharp focus to take on a higher perspective and determine your core values and priorities. This is not accomplished from a place of agression, force, or domination, but from a place of compassion and understanding for yourself and others. Great strength can be found in these sweet, soft, and loving qualities, because they will strengthen your inner light, take the pressure off overheated and overexhausted states of being, and allow events and progress to naturally and effortlessly unfold in your life.

The beautiful crow is the perfect example of boldness combined with the intelligence and clarity to stay grounded and present throughout the different stages of your spiritual evolution and the transitions they bring to your daily life.

The key is to enter the portal of divine magic through your heart-chakra. Opening your heart-chakra is the medicine for the rigidity caused by old limiting beliefs and consists of the practise of consciously sending out the higher vibrations of love, light, and blessings into the world.

By doing this you will ultimately adjust your view of the world you live in and the people around you, which has been distorted by previous heartache and pain. Instead of expecting the worst, you courageously choose to expect the best, strengthening and projecting this new energy outwards through visualizations and meditation that will awaken your powers of creation. The practise of kindness, gratitude, and compassion, but most of all the way you use your inner and outer voice by speaking words of upliftment, truth, and clarity, as the crow symbolism so profoundly refers to, will balance out and integrate the shadow aspects of your ego by bathing them in the light of your true self and neutralizing their paralyzing effect on your abilities to manifest happiness and well-being.

It all comes down to the choice between love and fear. Your shadow parts are always based on fear, because they are born out of situations and experiences that made you feel left to your own devices and separated from the Divine. This is the greatest illusion of all, because nothing can separate you from the Source of all that is. You are greatly loved and cared for!

Once you build up your confidence that comes from finding your balance and mastery over old emotional responses, a deep peace arises within you. There will still be times when you get triggered by your old ways and beliefs, but the more you progress spiritually, the more they will lose their power over you, because your inner light will illuminate them and instead of getting caught up in fear, sadness, or anger, your heart fills up with compassion for the beliefs and convictions you once thought to be true. When you shine your light of awareness onto them, you will see that the symbolical monsters that you feared are merely just shadows of the past.

Now your energy is freed up for new beginnings to take place and for your true magical powers of manifestation to prevail! Be open to receive the blessings and results of your inner work and self-discipline and enjoy your newly found independence, strength, and confidence!

Dear readers, I hope Archangel Orion’s message will bring you inspiration and encouragement! If you are interested in personal angelic guidance in the form of an angel reading, please visit the “readings section” of this website or send an email to for more information. Thank you so much and have a lovely week! Love and blessings, Marielle đź’›

© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

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