Message from Archangel Raziel featuring the symbolism of clouds

The clouds

Clouds represent our current state of mind, our thoughts, and the stability of our emotions.

They are connected to the element of air, which represents our higher thoughts, wisdom, and intellectual ideas and pursuits, as well as to the element of water, which represents our feelings, emotions, and our introspective qualities and intuitive gifts.

White, puffy clouds radiate an energy of friendliness, lightness, positivity, and serenity, whereas darker clouds looming on the horizon represent heavy-heartedness, worry, and despair.

However, if dark storm clouds get heavy with vaporized water, they produce water droplets in the form of rain, which symbolizes emotional cleansing, healing, and renewed fertility. A lightning bolt that appears in the sky when a storm cloud discharges its atmospheric electricity, represents flashes of inspiration and sudden realizations. Storm clouds often bring in a new and fresh energy allowing for new beginnings to take place after the releasing of old patterns and negative energy.

When clouds descend onto earth, they cause the phenomenon of fog and metaphorically obscure a clear view making it difficult for us to find our path. Our confusion and our states of drowsiness and dreaminess act as a veil blocking out the light of truth and clarity from the sun. Fortunately, clouds are transitory and ephemeral in nature and as they form and dissolve again or travel fast into different directions, they send out the message to us to go with the flow of life and observe the metaphorical clouds in our lives with a sense of ease and detachment.

Clouds also signify divine guidance, direction, and protection. In ancient times, people believed clouds to be created by divine spirits separating the world below from the higher realms above and bringing angelic signs through their shapes and their ability to magically appear out of nowhere. Nowadays, looking into the world beyond the clouds is connected to raising our consciousness, taking on a higher perspective, and finding our true purpose in life, although the angels are still known to use clouds as means of communication with human beings on earth.

Archangel Raziel is the Archangel of divine wisdom and magic and in his message he encourages us to look at the symbolical clouds in our lives.

My beloved ones,

It is a privilige to visit with you and reveal a part of my divine wisdom and magic to you! At this precious moment in time, I would like to talk to you about the two-sided symbolism of the clouds that represent your vast potential of various new and higher states of consciousness on the one hand and the reoccuring thought-patterns and conditioned emotional states that come and go on the other hand.

An altered and higher state of consciousness frees you from limited thinking and the imagined constricts of life by broadening your view and helping you to rise above previous patterns and beliefs and see the limitless opportunities and potential within and around yourself. You surpass the many familiar clouds that float around in the sky that is your awareness, and allow the pure white light and energy from the higher realms to enter through your energy portals or chakras. When you connect to this cosmic consciousness and source of spiritual light, a flow of clarity, love, peace, and grace will fill up your energetic as well as your physical body.

Be aware that when you are aligning with this beautiful flow of joyful and uplifting energy, it will shine a light on all the entanglements, distractions, and illusions that are still present and active within you, pulling them to the surface of your awareness and letting them play out in your life, so you can see them clearly, heal, and release them. This is why many of you feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back and get discouraged, but I tell you this is merely an illusion.

When you are allowing in more light, you simply become more aware of the parts of your ego that have not come up to speed yet with your newly found energy-vibration. There truly is no darkness, only energy-formations that wish to be loved, healed and integrated in the divine oneness of all that is. Rejoice, because now the process of cleansing and detoxifying begins! There is no time to mourn the departure of these metaphorical clouds of old heaviness. Let us send them on their way with love and blessings, letting them drift away in peace.

At first, what will remain is a feeling of emptiness, a void, because all of your familiar clouds have gone, the parts of your ego and your former identity have shattered away leaving you with a clear blue sky that might initially feel uncomfortable to you, but is in fact the space in which a beautiful transformation will take place.

It is a space of surrender and the birth of a new you, the birth of your true self is actually more accurate, because you have come to understand that your self-image and identity mostly consisted of other people’s previous views and projections onto you.

Who are you, now that the slate has been wiped clean? What do you choose for yourself and your own well-being when the past has fallen away? Allow the answers to arise from the emptiness and visualize a new cloud appearing in your sky. A cloud sent by the Divine, arriving to support and strengthen you at this time of great change. A cloud filled with light and the higher energies of healing and purification. Imagine yourself surrounded and comforted by the soft and gentle embrace of this cloud. It is safe for you to enter the void of transition and surrender to not knowing all the answers just yet, but remaining open to new ideas and inspiration that will soon take root in the fertile ground of your cleared and purified heart.

This is a time of new beginnings and illumination that will remind you to focus on love, joy, and happiness again. It is important to balance out your life with playfulness, laughter, and engaging in loving bonds with others. A true sage knows the value of embracing the lightness and fun side of life and bringing forth his or her wisdom with a touch of upliftment, simplicity, and humor. You are worthy of living your best life, dear ones, ask the angels to help you to find your path in life with ease and to make every step a celebratory event of revelations, relief, appreciation, and gratitude!

🌤️🌿 As always, thank you so much for your support and kindness, dear readers! I hope you are doing well! I wish you a lovely week filled with moments of joy and happiness, but also with deep peace and serenity! Love and blessings, Marielle 💛

© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

4 thoughts on “Message from Archangel Raziel featuring the symbolism of clouds”

  1. Dear Marielle, Thank you for your beautiful message from Archangel Raziel and your words and photos! I love the cloud and sky images. I always want to read you message over a few times. What leaps out at me now is letting go to allow and embrace new beginnings. Perfect! Have a wonderful day! With love, Madeline

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, dear Madeline! So glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed Archangel Raziel’s message! With spring around the corner the natural energies fully support the arrival of new beginnings! May you be blessed with wonderful new opportunities and experiences abundantly flowing into your life! Have a wonderful Sunday! Lots of love, Marielle 🙏💛🌤️


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