Archangel Azrael’s message for the summer solstice

Celebrating Litha

Litha or Midsummer is the celebration of the summer solstice, the longest days of the year between June 20th and June 23rd.

It heralds the beginning of summer and celebrates the life-giving sun. Litha invites us to focus on joyful abundance and fun activities under the sun!

My beloved ones,

As the Archangel of transitions, endings and new beginnings, I would like to warmly and joyfully convey my message to you.

The summer solstice heralds the beginning of a new season with a clear new energy, the energy of the sun. The sun abundantly shines its light, stimulates growth, and accelerates the ripening of fruit and the blossoming of flowers in nature.

In a spiritual sense the sun brings enlightenment and wisdom to your projects and personal growth. It reveals what has been hidden, and clears away mental and emotional confusion. The sun enhances your personal power, ignites your inner strength and wisdom, and brings an energy of warmth and happiness.

This is an excellent time for healing and self-nourishment as you make the transition from the active energy of spring to the laid-back energy of summer. Use this season of the sun to rebalance and revitalize your energy by taking in the precious rays of the sun. Relax and make room for contemplation to allow a new perspective, a new clarity, and a new personal truth to rise from within you, which will prepare you for a fresh new beginning on a higher level than before!

I, Archangel Azrael, would like to point out that this year’s summer solstice specifically brings up the subject of heart healing through the innate knowing that you are a beloved and highly valued child of the universe. Let the sun empower you to take back leadership of your life, close out the old cycle that no longer serves you, and take on your divine birth right of joy and happiness this summer, and do not forget to invite us angels to always be by your side with our uplifting energy of love and light!

Special angel message & symbol for the full strawberry super moon

The swallow

The angels showed me a swallow in flight as their symbol of choice for the energy of this week’s super moon. Their message goes as follows:

Dearest hearers of our words,

Once again we are so happy to convey this message to you. We would like to introduce you to the energy of the swallow, a beautiful little bird, that swirls through the air without limitations. That is exactly what we want you to feel like, free and boundless, breaking through your limitations and expanding out of your comfort-zone.

The season of summer is about to start and this is a time of natural growth and abundance. You can energetically start to harvest the fruits of joy and abundance by letting go of heavy energies and retreating in stillness to regain your inner peace.

Inner peace is not hard to find. It comes naturally to you when you cease the process of thought.

When you look at the moon from where ever you are on this planet, remember these three things:

Make time to be playful and have fun

Think of what you appreciate and are grateful for

Forgive yourself and others for making life harder than it needs to be

Much of human drama is unnecessary and merely serves as a distraction or even an excuse not to take action towards your dreams and well-being.

We are here to tell you that every little step made with intention and resolution makes a difference in your life. Many little steps will eventually lead to a major shift and change in energy.

Ask for our help and we will guide you with our light and inspiration, because we love you so very much, dear ones!

Angel message – June 13-19, 2022

The bumblebee

represents community, brightness, joy and personal power.

It teaches us to joyfully focus our energy and become fully engaged in our creative endeavours while feeling worthy of receiving the sweetness of life.

Dearest and beloved ones, we are very happy to further expand on the energy that the bumblebee represents for you at this beautiful moment in time.

The bumblebee is an industrious little being that carries out his work with ease and in the flow of life. There is no strain or effort, just a clear focus and a happy, open energy, because unlike human beings there are no thoughts that distract him and there is no emotional baggage that slows him down.

The bumblebee does not get overwhelmed or burdened with his task in nature, because he is able to naturally direct his energy towards his highest good and that of his surroundings and community. He is at one with the universal energies that guide him and carry him through his short little life.

Our invitation to you this week, dear ones, is to take an honest inventory of your thoughts and emotional responses that overwhelm you and deplete you of your precious energy. Try to collect and stabilize your scattered thoughts, or better still, quiet your thoughts in meditation and stillness for a while. Firmly and responsibly choose not to worry or get emotionally upset about past issues or future events.

Just let your worries and concerns wash away into the loving hands of us angels. Stay in the present moment and be selective about what you allow into your mental and emotional energy bodies. Know that just like the small bumblebee, you are greatly loved and appreciated by the universe and you have access to immense powers of creation and manifestation without having to struggle or wear yourself out.

Try to be pure, open and trusting in life and just bring a little bit more joy and sweetness into your daily routines. You possess all the tools to thrive in life, they are within your heart and within your reach, believe that you are worthy. It is up to you to choose upliftment over exhaustion!

Think of the wise creature that is the humble bumble bee!

I believe in my own value and selfworth and I act upon this belief by recognizing, appreciating and honing my talents and skills for my own benefit and that of my community!

– Flowing with angels –

On a deeper level you are already complete. When you realize that, there is a joyous energy behind what you do.

Eckhart Tolle

Willingness: a powerful bridge between our present reality and our desires

Our present reality is “old news” in the sense that it has already manifested into being. Our past thoughts and feelings have summoned the energy that created and attracted these current manifestations. The pathway to manifesting a different reality and a more desirable outcome consists of changing our thoughts, feelings and beliefs through the process of forgiveness, (self)love, reflection and spiritual growth, so that our energy vibration rises and we can attract matching and more desirable energies, situations and people.

pexels-photo-814499 (2)Sometimes it seems like a difficult process to move from our old mental patterns and habits to a completely renewed mindset and energy. We may experience a lot of inner resistance or we simply do not know how and where to start.

Therefore it is recommandable to build our bridge to our new way of thinking and feeling brick by brick and to make these bricks out of our declarations of willingness. When we start declaring our willingness to the universe, the Law of Attraction will take care of the details and our building process will be an easy and gentle one. 

pexels-photo-1645825 (2)When we pronounce that we are willing to change, willing to release old habits and beliefs, willing to practise and do the work, willing to grow and learn, willing to forgive and willing to receive more love, inspiration, support, health and abundance, the universe will provide us with the stepping stones to do so.

With each small step we take, the momentum towards the new will start to accelerate and deliver us more and more synchronicities, guidance and insights. Doors will start to open with new possibilities of growth and expansion. 

Affirmations that start with the words I am willing have a soft and gentle energy to them. They conjure up less resistance when we are not yet fully convinced of and grounded in our new beliefs. Declaring our willingness to the universe creates an opening and a powerful starting point to our spiritual process of transformation. 

pexels-photo-1006121 (2)“My dear ones, I am Archangel Jophiel and among my areas of expertise are enlightenment, mental clarity and higher wisdom. My powerful yellow coloured ray of  energy is like a beacon of light on your life paths.

When you have reached the point at which you recognize that you have to change your life for the benefit of your well-being and happiness, call on me to help you on your way. Many fears and limited beliefs are held in your subconscious mind, deeply hidden and often repressed by your conscious mind. They keep you stuck in your ways and make you afraid of change.

When you pronounce that you are willing to change, the universe will help you bring these old pains, fears and limitations to the surface through the mirrors in your life in the form of people and situations, through dreams, through opportunities for reflection and even sudden wake-up calls.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice when this happens, because it is the start of your clearing and healing process. Through the unravelling of the old, you will begin to see glimpses of the new. Affirmations are powerful declarations and are heard throughout the universe. All your thoughts and words are energies, that activate the laws of the universe in bringing you what you are sending out energetically.

My encouragement is to keep declaring your willingness and intentions, keep focussing and keep feeling what you wish to manifest for yourself in this lifetime. Along your path of  growth and change you will start to discover who you really are, your own power and influence, your own creativity and manifestation abilities. Your trust and faith in the power of the universe and the enormous support that is available for you from the higher realms, will start to grow and it won’t be long before you will find yourself in the flow towards your spiritual rebirth.

When nature and all other life forms are so carefully tended to and loved by the universe, you can feel the deep certainty in your heart, that you will be too. Let yourself be inspired by taking in lots of fresh air, being in nature and embracing all the elements of the earth. Going back to the basics of your life, will help you find simplicity and ease.

Invite the angels to be with you, help you and guide you. There are many waiting for your call!”

– Archangel Jophiel –  


The home that is your heart

Guided meditations are a wonderful way for me to get insights and answers from the angels on topics, that are currently relevant in my life. Last night I received some beautiful metaphoric images from Archangel Raphael. While I was observing and enjoying them with my inner eyes, he kindly explained their meaning to me. This is what came to me through the loving guidance of Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael handed me a key with a keychain attached to it, which consisted of a string of hearts. Suddenly I was standing in front of a beautiful, grand manor house. It was a glorious sight. The building radiated a soft glow as if it was lit from within. This house represents your heart, use your key and open its door, Archangel Raphael said.

When I stepped inside the grand house, I was overtaken by the magnificent interior. It was lusciously decorated in soft colours with lovely ornaments and comfortable, inviting furniture. Leading of the long corridors were rooms yet to be discovered. What a great potential this house has, I thought to myself. So much space to enjoy and so much room for loved ones to come and stay.

This house is your heart and thus your home. It is up to you to take care of it and make it beautiful and authentically your own, to decorate it as you please and to enjoy it and experience it as a place of comfort and well-being, Archangel Raphael said.

While I was roaming through the rooms of this magnificent home, I began to feel more and more at ease and very grateful for the hidden gems, I found along the way. The more I rejoiced the more beautiful the house became in my experience.

Then I entered a large room. It was the kitchen of the house and what I saw inside brought an overwhelming feeling of love and joy into my heart. Next to a blazing, open fire, sat all of my friends and family-members around a big wooden table. They were having the best of times, laughing and talking. As I entered the room, I wholeheartedly took in the warm and friendly atmosphere. A big smile appeared on my face while tears of joy were running down my cheeks. A friend just came into the kitchen through another door. He was cold from traveling outside. I gave him a big hug and invited him to join the others at the table. I looked at the scene before me and beamed with joy, love and contentment. I came home.

Your heart-space is the most valuable “property” you will ever own. It is the gateway to all connections and interactions with the universe and the higher energies of love and light as well as your human relationships. I encourage you to cherish this beautiful “home” by keeping it clean and cosy. Spend as much quality time there as you can, by yourself and in the company of your loved ones, guides and angels. Make a commitment to yourself to take good care of your heart-home, so it will be a place of joy, love, well-being and oneness with others. A place, you can be proud of, as it is you and only you, who can put in the work and make it beautiful!

I drew three beautiful cards with an additional explanation by Archangel Raphael, to get you started on your heart-chakra-work.

“The first card literally depicts your heart. Its beautiful green colour reflects unconditional love and healing. As you can see, it is both connected to the higher “Light”, the higher realms, Source itself, as well as your own emotions and feelings, represented by the water beneath it. When your heart is open and you see through the open “eye” of your heart, you radiate this golden light from Source. This powerful beam of well-being, abundance and love can flow freely to and through your heart. When you allow this beautiful and powerful energy from Source to occupy your heart-space, your emotions and feelings will reach a higher level of stability and joy. You gain inner peace, inner joy and contentment. Your outlook on the world and everyone and everything in it, is loving and kind. This immensely benefits your energy and that of those around you. The first step is to be aware of this, to just take in this information and the importance of this “heart-work”. This realization alone will bring you to a higher level of awareness and spirituality. Just sit for a while and take in the symbolism of this card. “

“The second step, as represented by the next card, is to start practicing on working with your heart-chakra in your daily life. Through your interactions with both your fellow human beings and your angels, guides and other higher energies of unconditional love and light, you get insights in what is going on inside your heart. This is about taking down the walls around your heart and letting love flow to and through you. Interactions with others will bring you pointers on the state of your “heart-house”. Are these people welcome guests in your house? Do they behave themselves respectfully in your home and do they honour you and your possessions? Do they bring you gifts, love and joy from their own “heart-homes”? Visualize your “heart-home” and see what the situation is. How do they make you feel when you are in your “heart-home” with them. Do you like them to stay long-term, do you like their short visits or do you rather wish for them to leave? Take time for yourself to be alone in your “heart-house” now and again to clean and uplift the energy, to fill it with your wishes and intentions, that make you feel happy and joyous. Invite the higher energies to visit you for a while and allow them to work their magic in your “heart-home”, welcoming their gifts of healing, blessings and guidance. Reach out to your angels and they will happily and readily appear on your doorstep!”

“The third card speaks of the base chakra, which is associated with safety and grounding. This speaks of the solidity of your “heart-house”. Your heart-chakra is the gateway, but the base chakra is needed to ground your relationships, your wishes and desires into your reality. It is about manifesting people, situations and material things in your life by doing the energy-work in your heart first. When you take care of your heart, you develop a clear outlook on your life, on what is acceptable and what is not. You know yourself and you know your own worth as love is your primary driving force. This love and joy in your heart will generate the right energy-frequency to attract that, which matches your desires. This offers you a stable starting point for all of your manifestations as well as a feeling of being safe and grounded, knowing you are firmly connected to your Source and the Earth. Your heart connects the energies flowing down from the universe and floating up from the Earth, both are needed for you to live a happy and healthy life.”

– Archangel Raphael –

Claim your kingdom!

She is the queen. She is the queen of a beautiful kingdom. Her radiant presence exudes love and well-being and her eyes sparkle with joy and fulfilment.

Her features are soft and gentle, her movements gracious and her words caring. Her outer beauty reflects the beauty of her warm and powerful soul. She sits on her throne, at ease and content with all that is. She bathes in the warmth of the sun, that always shines on her, as she chooses it to be so.

She loves to take walks through the land of her kingdom, enjoying all of the beauty and wealth that she so carefully gathered and cultivated. She gratefully watches the flowers and plants bloom and thrive in the fertile soil. She revels in feeling the uplifting presence of the unseen beings of unconditional love, who help her kingdom prosper. A light warm breeze carries their blessings throughout the land. No outpost is ever forgotten. She knows now that she is worthy and deserving of this magnificent oasis of beauty and love. She breathes a sigh of relief for it has been a long journey.

There was a time when the land lay barren. Seeds were planted, but showed no sign of life yet. Trespassers stumbled through the grounds, stealing and plundering her resources, disturbing the peace and natural stillness of her kingdom. Their muddy, boorish feet soiling the rooms and hallways of her beautiful palace.

These days are in the past, as the queen has since taken full residence on her throne, exercising her power and responsibility for her kingdom, ensuring its future protection and prosperity.

Her current guests and visitors come with a spirit of love and joy. Their eyes shining with anticipation, excitement and positive expectations as much as hers do. They are naturally drawn to her love and beauty and that of her kingdom. A flow of high frequency energy infuses their instant connection and joyful togetherness. They offer her delightful gifts of love, support and playfulness, that make her heart sing. In return she lets them bask in the warmth and love of her being. She offers them healing and a soft place to fall and lets them enjoy all the fruits and benefits of her beautiful kingdom.

They smile at each other. Sincere and meaningful smiles of knowing that all is well and always will be, as love is forever present.

I wrote these words as a powerful reminder to myself, that I am responsible for my own well-being and happiness in relation to myself and others. Feeling worthy and loved comes from direct alignment with Source, from being who you truly are and from doing the things, that make your heart sing. With a good sense of self-worth and a healthy dose of self-love you can go out into the world and relate to others without giving up your own standards, beliefs and values. You are not dependent on the opinion and approval of the people around you, as you are fully grounded in your own life and in your own love. As a vessel of divine love, joy and creativity, you light up the world just by being yourself. Your energy is enough, your presence is enough, your beingness is enough, YOU are enough!

The angels shared this additional message:

Whether you are a man or a woman embrace the feminine element in yourself. Trust that your feelings and intuition will lead the way to your best life. Your ancient feminine wisdom resides in your heart, she exceeds the mind in cutting through deception and superficial appearances.

She uses your senses and emotions as her voice. Listen to her whispers and surrender yourself to her guidance as she knows the right direction for you, even though you can not see where you are going yet.

Let her love and nurture you, she has many valuable treasures waiting to be discovered by you. 

Turning restlessness into focused excitement

Do you ever feel like you are longing for change, for new adventures and possibilities to show up in your life? Do you get restless, when you suddenly realize that your old way of life and rusty routines don’t feel satisfying anymore, but manifestations of change aren’t yet visible? At such a point in your life, resistance to what IS can creep up on you. Life is ever expanding and longing for more and new things, situations and experiences is only natural, but pondering your mind how to initiate change from a state of complaining and dissatisfaction will only block you from the universal stream of well-being and inspiration, as negative emotions are domineering and cluttering up your mind and energy.

So, how can we transform the resistance to what IS to excitement for what WILL BE, even though there is no physical evidence yet of new experiences and situations? How can we make the shift from complaining to getting excited about what is coming in the future, anticipating new abundance and opportunities?

I asked the beautiful Archangel Raphael to enlighten us further on this topic.

Feelings of restlessness are an indicator of dissatisfaction, resistance to what is. It is a state of tension, where the mind is dominant, conjuring up negative opinions on what is going on in the moment and what should be going on. Your egoic mind is complaining about what is wrong and what is missing in your current experience and is forcefully trying to come up with solutions to improve the situation. However, in this state of negative emotion, there is no clarity, no inspiration, no healing to be found.

The first step is to acknowledge that there is a discord in your vibration, straying you from your natural state of joy and well-being. A fresh starting point is needed, a seizing of momentum of the powerful stream of thought, that keeps telling you something is not right in this present moment. You have no power when you are overtaken by negative thought patterns and emotions. Purification is needed to cleanse yourself from unwanted emotional debris, which can be accomplished through visualizations, affirmations and meditation. Ask us Angels to help guide this process, we are happy to be of service to you and shower you with additional divine energy of love, light and healing. Connect to your breath and release all blockages and negative emotions, watch them flow away and dissolve with every outbreath. Then visualize yourself opening your heart- and crown-chakras to receive new energy, inspiration and light. Your body feels relaxed, open and ready to allow the stream of energy pouring down from the universe, entering your body and flowing all the way to your feet and into the Earth. You are standing in full alignment with the Universe above and the Earth beneath, in a beam of golden light, which fills you up, making you feel loved, confident, powerful, clear and vitalized. Just enjoy this state of being for a few minutes.

Let the power of love work through you, let go of old restrictions and fears that have held you back from reaching your full potential, from living a joyful and fulfilling life. At this stage your heart is in charge again and not your mind. Your heart knows the truth of who you are and holds the wisdom of your Soul. Your heart can feel its way through fear and doubt into the energetical reality of Love, which is ever present and abundant. Your trust in the Universe will grow as you come to realize there is only love, abundance and well-being. People distort this truth with their limiting perspective of and focus on their physical reality, cutting themselves of from their infinite creativity and manifestation skills.

When you feel light and free, you can easily allow inspirational ideas leading to inspired action to flow to and through you. Your improved energy will lead to incredible results and positive outcomes. Synchronicity and miracles occur, making you feel the flow of life and the ease with which you can really navigate yourself through life.

Trust your heart, dear one, and let the love and light, that you really are shine through. This is your Soul speaking, not your life’s story and personality, this is your Love, Light and Wisdom guiding you, not your past conditioning and restricting beliefs. You are eternal, you are pure light, you are a powerful creator and a beloved true expression of energy. That is who you are and don’t allow anything or anyone fool you into thinking or feeling anything less than that! Keep repeating this process and watch your life change for the better beyond your dreams and expectations! And there you go, from feeling restless and stuck, to feeling inspired and excited about life again!

-Archangel Raphael-


True power

True power comes from the realisation that no one or no thing poses a threat to you if you are connected to and in alignment with the wisdom, clarity and abundance of Source.

The only threat that anyone can ever pose to you is that they can make you reactive and defensive and in this guarded stance you lose your connection with your divine guidance, clarity and resources.

These powerful words spoken by the wise beings of light called Abraham (channelled by Esther Hicks) really struck a chord with me, when I heard them recently in an audio-segment randomly appearing on my you tube-feed. I just love it, when the universe brings me epiphanies and guidance through synchronicities like this!

I realised, that throughout my life I had often felt unsafe and threatened by unconscious people creating unpleasant situations and conflicts. Still heavily unconscious myself, I remained frantically focused on trying to fix the problem, to dissolve the struggle, that I was feeling. Endlessly worrying, letting all possible scenarios and outcomes clog up my mind, feeling desperate and wishing the whole situation would just magically disappear. I know now, that giving attention to any problem only keeps the struggle going, because what you put your attention on grows, it is simply the universal Law of Attraction. It is important to focus on what I DO want, not on what I DON’T want. What do I desire? That is the vibration I should be focussing on and sending out into the universe, while staying fully grounded in the receptive mode to receive the impulse to be in the right place at the right time, to have joyful experiences and to embrace all the blessings and abundance of the universe. Or in the words of Abraham:

There will always be people out there, who disagree with the way you live your life or who even in their shortage consciousness believe that they need to take from you what is yours, because they believe that they don’t have enough or are being unjustly treated. You don’t want to be in a guarded stance with them, instead you want to be in a compassionate stance with them, accepting their existence, even understand some of their thinking and why they do what they do.

In your alignment with Source, you are able to see them and love them just the same, because you are staying in the receptive mode, which is also the replenishing mode, because people can’t take from you as fast as you can replenish it. You have no shortage what so ever. When you are in the replenishing mode, you know that this resourceful universe will yield to you all that you will allow. There is a stream flowing to you of ideas, that will lead to manifestations and as you tap into that, it is just uncanny how clever the universe is in guiding you to the resources and the abundance and the blessings, that are just for you, that are vibrationally yours to claim!

Only you can deprive yourself of clarity, good timing, wisdom and abundance, when you let yourself get upset by unconscious situations and people, who are ignorant of the Law of Attraction, causing you to lose your alignment with Source.

Still in awe of my moment of clarity, I decided to draw some oracle cards and felt grateful to receive these beautiful additional messages from Archangel Metatron and Archangel Gabriel.


To prioritize means to spend your time and energy well. It means to determine what it is, you wish to focus your attention on. What is important to you? Where lies your passion? What makes your heart sing? Try to free up as much time as possible to spend on your priorities, even if it means, that you take little steps at first. Every big project and every great achievement once started with one little step. If you focus on the things that bring you joy, you will raise your own energy frequency, allowing you to come more and more in alignment with the energy of Source, which consists of pure love and pure joy. When you enjoy what you are doing, you generate the frequency of joy, which makes you more resistant to unconscious people and situations, because you are powerfully grounded in your own energy. If you experience flow in your activities, which are aimed at bringing more love and light into this world, and you feel fully supported by the universe, you are unstoppable! You don’t get out of balance as easily as before, because you are coming more into alignment with your true self, you are living a more authentic life. Once you know who you are and experience your own manifestation power, you won’t be easily discouraged. You know who you are and what you are capable of. Follow your own path, dear humans, keep searching for your own passion and your own way of living. Ask for help when needed and it will be abundantly given to you. Show the universe your true intentions and there will be an immediate response, without delay. Making choices that honour your priorities and support your life’s mission, will help you to strengthen your connection with Source and to keep you in alignment with Source no matter what happens around you. Don’t get distracted or be misled, take matters into your own hands, take leadership of your own life.

-Archangel Metatron-


True leadership means, that you apply your talents and strengths for the highest good and bring love and light into the world by helping, motivating and inspiring others. You are taking it a step further in the sense that you are using your power in a good and responsible way. If you stay true to yourself while exploring and displaying your passion and talents, you inspire others to do the same, causing more and more people to come into alignment with Source and allowing an increasingly beautiful stream of energy to flow into this world, an energy of passion, love and light. A flow of energy, which will enrich your life on earth, allowing you to live more easily and effortlessly. Make a conscious choice each day and at each moment to devote your talents and god given strengths to set an inspirational example to others. True leadership means taking responsibility for your own life and realising that you are not a victim of circumstances.  Keep on walking with a clear focus, which may mean taking small steps at a time, but just continue to focus positively. Let me help you to stay strong and full of confidence. I am the Angel of Communication and I will help you to express your truth, whether it is through words, images, actions or behaviour, in a way, that reflects the highest love. You are a shining example! Be a beacon of light for others!

-Archangel Gabriel-

Remember who you are!

Who you are matters! And how you show up matters! Every moment of every day, no matter where you are or what you do, you matter! You are demonstrating the presence and the power and the love and the being-ness of God in everything that you do, you matter! It doesn’t matter who raised you, YOU matter, it doesn’t matter what they did, YOU matter! It matters what you do, because you matter! -Iyanla Vanzant-

I love these words so profoundly spoken by Iyanla Vanzant during one of her inspirational talks. No matter what the circumstances are or how other people are behaving, it is about you making the choice to be in alignment with your highest self and the Divine Source, to act in love and light, because you ARE love and light. Remember your true nature! I asked the Archangels for their guidance on how to stay grounded in this truth and the magnificent Archangel Raziel stepped forward with this beautiful message.

This is a very important topic and it is indeed the key to everything, the key to prosperity and well-being. My card summarises in one sentence what it is all about “Take back your power”! Your own power or strength, is the only thing, that you can exert influence on to bring more love and light into this world. Realising who you are is key. If you could only see yourselves like we angels see you. Powerful and radiant souls, sparks from the Divine, full of love and light and strength to create your own reality and manifest your dreams. I will lift the veil for you a little bit by providing you with guidance on how to take back your power and apply it for your highest good. Remember, you never really lost it in the first place, you merely temporarily forgot about it! Nothing or no one can disturb your essence or take what is yours, that is an illusion. I would like to help you through these three keywords, that are easy to remember. You can use them as a reminder when you feel like you are out of touch with your higher self and the universe.


Home represents many things, but in this case it refers to your base, the base of your existence, where you are really from, and energetically this means that your home is with Source, the divine Source of all life and energy. Remember, that God, Source or the Universe, or whatever you feel comfortable with calling it, is your home, your base, your place of refuge, where you can always, always return to. Simply by opening your heart, pouring out your heart, asking for help and allowing the spiritual Light-world, which is there on behalf of Source, to fully support, comfort and embrace you. Feel this embrace of the universe, feel this connection and feel that you are never alone, no matter how challenging the situation is or how threatening the people around you are, nothing or no one can destroy this connection, your home-base lies in your heart and you are there within the blink of an eye. Know that this is so, dear people, feel that this is so, experience that this is so. From this home-base in your heart and the stream of love and light, that flows through it, you can create and nurture your Earthly home-base. Look around you and decide which action step you can take to enhance your well-being. No matter how small this step may seem, pay attention to it. Know, that if you start walking, for every step you take, the universe will take two.


From this divine home-base in your heart and your connection to the universal, intelligent flow of strength, love, light and well-being, the most powerful energy there is, don’t forget this, you will start to take steps and move forward. Steps you take from this home-base are steps aiming for your highest good and well-being. Focus your attention on the very best and point your thoughts towards what you would like to manifest, your desired dreams and outcomes. Don’t hold back, reach for the stars, dream big! Visualise your dreams and speak positive words and affirmations and then focus your attention on your Earthly life, the forms and people around you. Aim your love and light well through clear and courageous steps forward. Know, that your positive focus will bring you a positive outcome, it is the universal law. Devotion also implies, that you don’t allow distractions to lead you off your path, to interfere with and diffuse your focus. Whatever others may say or do, look upon them with love and compassion, but don’t let them undermine you. Bless them and keep on walking, slowly but steadily. Don’t allow your light to be dimmed, but instead keep looking for possibilities to let it shine even brighter.


Trust is the last keyword and asks you to be courageous enough to let go of the outcome. Trust, that what you have put into motion with your powerful positive focus will eventually manifest, even though you can’t see physical evidence of it just yet. On an energetical level wheels are turning, so to speak, which you can’t see as a human being, but you can feel it. You can feel it in your heart and energy, you feel empowered and you know, and this is an inner knowing, that all good things must manifest, because you have brought out your love and light and shone it into the world. The effect is inevitable, because what you send out energetically will come back to you energetically. Trust, that this will take form for your highest good. Release the outcome and trust that the universe in its infinite wisdom will bring you the forms that suit you best and serve your highest well-being. Don’t limit yourself by filling in the how, what or when, but simply open your heart and arms to receive. Stay anchored in gratitude, because it is already there in spirit, now allow it to manifest effortlessly into your life.

Beloved ones, take these steps to heart whenever life is challenging, whenever you are feeling lost. Know, that the road to Home is truly easy to find. Know that Home is a place of inspiration and rejuvenation, allowing you to emerge courageously and joyfully to continue your path and to see your life unfold for your highest good. Don’t forget, that there is a tremendous amount of love, support and help available to you from Source and the Light-world. Don’t underestimate its worth! In love and blessings.

-Archangel Raziel-

The angelic outlook on bullying

I asked the magnificent Archangel Sandalphon some questions on the topic of bullying, as it has such a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people, affecting their health, well-being and happiness.

Why do people bully other people?

You ask why people bully other people, why people feel the urge to belittle others and make their lives difficult with unkind and undermining words and behaviour. The answer lies with the bullies themselves. People who are unhappy in their own skin, are people who focus negatively on others. There are blockages in their bodies and energy-systems, that cause them to feel unhappy. Maybe at one point they were bullied themselves. One thing is certain, they encountered negative, undermining experiences, that affected their personal happiness and self-confidence. Human beings, who are balanced and have sorted out their energy, in other words, who have faced and cleared their own blockages, are open channels for love and light to flow through. They have no desire to treat other people badly, they hold no grudges against or feel threatened by others. They stand in their own power and strength and focus upon their own paths and future. They won’t allow restless, negative emotions and feelings to linger, but instead they choose to move forward. Life smiles upon them and they wish to make the best of their time here on earth. An abundance of positive energy, love and light radiates out from them, lighting up the lives of many.

People, who are bullies or people who are being bullied right now, should realise these two things:

Someone, who feels the need to bully others, has blockages in his or her body and energy and should ask him- or herself where these negative emotions are coming from, so they can be healed. We angels would gladly offer our assistance with this process.

These blockages cause someone, who bullies others, to remain stuck in the past. In a so-called prison of negative patterns and conditioning. These negative emotions prevent them to grow and move forward and to embrace the future in a positive way. The progress and development of their good gifts gets obstructed.

Send those, who behave in this unconscious way, love and light, because they need it. Pray for their hearts to open and their energy to flow freely again, so they can feel joyful and relaxed, because a joyful and relaxed human being has no need to cause others harm in any way, shape or form.

What can you do when you are being bullied?

When you are being bullied, it can feel like a big weight upon your shoulders. The emotions and feelings that arise in this situation, affect your happiness and self-confidence. Realise, that you suffer from the negative energy, that someone else projects onto you. It has nothing to do with who you are and your intrinsic worth. Know, that you are a beloved child of God and always will be. Nothing or nobody can ever change that, nothing or nobody can affect your true self. Look at it as a cloud that hangs over you, a cloud of negative energy, that someone has sent to you. This cloud filled with negativity affects your body and energy, but it is not attached to you, it can be removed. Free yourself from this cloud, send it away or better yet ask the angels to resolve this cloud for you. Cleanse yourself energetically. Visualize a shower of light washing away all the pain and negativity.

When someone gets bullied, it always leads to the question: Why? Why me? It triggers old memories of when you felt unworthy, not good enough or even bad. Nobody deserves to be mistreated, it has nothing to do with you or what you did or didn’t do. Release the past. Let go of what happened, again and again. Focus upon strengthening your energy, ask for a clear outlook to see the spiritual truth, that you are a radiating human being with a lot of love and light to bring into this world. Let go of everything that prevents you from standing in your power. Don’t dwell on what has happened, stop endlessly analysing and reliving it. Let it go, because it doesn’t serve you, dear human. Ask the angels to cleanse you and bring you renewed strength and confidence. These experiences are not attached to your true self, you can free yourself from them and leave them behind!

How can you take back your power and strength and keep a positive outlook on life?

People, who bully, and people, who feel victimized by bullying behaviour have one thing in common. They allow negative emotions and blockages to disturb and pollute their energy. They suffer from feelings of unhappiness and a lack of confidence. It is very important to clear your energy on a regular basis and see if you notice any blockages or resistance. The quicker you learn to discover when your body and energy-system are unbalanced, the quicker you can take steps to restore your balance. A person, who is balanced, is firmly grounded, full of confidence and radiates positivity. Take good care of yourselves, dear people, ask the angels for help and support. We can help you with conquering negativity and the cleansing and protection of your energy. Like I said before, someone, who is filled with love and light, radiates out this energy and influences the lives of others in a positive and uplifting way. Their abundance- consciousness allows them to give freely and effortlessly encourage others. This is your natural state. Try to reach this state and find, that nothing or nobody can affect your inner peace and calm. Real strength and power comes from within, it is not a mask you put on to face the world or learned behaviour, it is based on your connection with the divinely intelligent energy flow of the universe. If you realise who you truly are and embrace the love and help, that is there for you, nothing or nobody can harm you. It doesn’t matter who you encounter in life or what situation comes your way, you are able to bounce back and stay authentic. This is true power and true self-confidence, dear people. Keep searching for it and asking for it. We are very happy to be of service to you!