Joy & gratitude

“Joy and gratitude are connected, the one can’t exist without the other.” A fascinating statement made by author and researcher Brené Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  It led me to ask myself how we can experience pure joy and gratitude in our lives. Is it a practise or a feeling that comes to us naturally and effortlessly? Our natural state of being maybe? Here’s the angelic outlook on this topic, as explained by the lovely and beautiful Archangel Haniel.

I would love to tell you something about joy and gratitude, the two are linked together, like you suggested. To experience a state of joy you must be able to fully open your human senses. It is about feeling and noticing the smallest things in everyday life. That is why I gave you the “Sensitivity” card. Sensitive people have highly developed senses, that can pick up a lot of subtle incentives. They are incredibly perceptive of their surroundings. Joy is found in the beautiful, seemingly insignificant, little things on earth, the pleasures of the natural world, which you are made for as a human being to experience and enjoy. It is not about the big and loud success symbols of the man-made world, which are flaunted for everyone to admire, but rather the natural world, the animals, the sequence of day and night, the beautiful natural cycles and balance of the earth.

If you return to that natural state and you live your life in natural rhythms, you thoroughly revel at the changing of the seasons, the various and ever changing appearances and colours of nature, healthy wholesome food, natural, relaxed and honest relationships with other people, in which your heart is completely open and you can truly be yourself without false pretences. A quiet eye to eye and heart to heart contact, in which you can completely see the other person for who they are and vice versa. If you are able to walk calmly and acknowledge that there is a right time for everything, you will live joyfully.

And if alongside your earthly life, you can naturally connect with the Creator of this magnificent world and all the loving energies, that surround you, you will also feel spiritually charged, loved and supported. Most people have forgotten how they are created and for what purpose. Joy is pure and natural, not induced artificially by adrenaline rushes and man-made entertainment. You can find REAL joy if you are REALLY living, at one with nature and in sync with its natural rhythms. If you can behold the beauty that is you, that is other people and that is this planet, you will overflow with joy, simply because this earth is wonderful and you are wonderful!

The moment you realise, that you have come here to experience and enjoy yourself, joy and gratitude abound. Gratitude for your life, for this incarnation, for this chance of growth for your soul, for this experience. You don’t have to view gratitude as an obligation, as if you were in debt, that is the misconception of many and could not be further from the truth. You completely deserve to be happy and your happiness is our happiness! Gratitude arises from the realisation that you are one with the immense power and love of the Universe. It arises from a unity-consciousness, that we exist and experience together as one, that is all, just because we exist, without any guilt, pure and innocent in every way. You deserve to be here, dear human child, to enjoy yourself is all that is necessary to feel joy.

And how do you enjoy yourself? By relaxing, living calmly and quietly and looking around you with a presence of mind and heart, feeling connected to your environment. You feel the energy of the earth and everything that grows and lives on it, of all its inhabitants. You feel the energy of everything that is alive. That is the source of connection. Cherish your connection with the earthly realm and feel joy and gratitude.

Those of you who are sensitive and often are rejected or ridiculed because of it, should consider yourself lucky to have kept this gift. This natural gift, which enables you to intensely feel, cherish and experience. Being sensitive is being connected to the energy, that surrounds you and is ever present, it is a natural state of being. Ask me, Archangel Haniel, to help you return to this natural state and to maintain yourself in this current world. I am here for you! With love and blessings,

-Archangel Haniel-

Coping with feelings of loneliness

We all experience feelings of loneliness from time to time, even though we are almost constantly surrounded by other people. Somehow we feel vulnerable and not loved and cared for enough by our family and friends to an extend that is desirable for us. We yearn for someone to give us that much needed recognition of our worthiness in this world. We long to be loved unconditionally and to feel that who we are and what we do matters and is enough. These feelings can be very overwhelming and when left unattended can cause depression, withdrawal and isolation. I asked the Archangels for guidance on what to do, when we detect these feelings within ourselves. The following cards came up as guidance and Archangel Raphael stepped forward to provide us with this additional message.

When you are taken over by negative emotions or feelings the best thing you can do is to ask the angels to come to you for support and comfort. Our presence in your proximity will immediately lift your heaviness. Just find somewhere quiet to sit in stillness, take your time to allow your feelings to come up and then make the decision, set the intention, to release all your negative emotions. Visualize how you collect them all in a big package. Imagine a big box in front of you and how you put everything in it. See how I take this box from you and carry it away, you will instantaneously feel lighter. Then ask for my healing energy, which I will gladly offer to you. This is an important first step, because your emotions and feelings prevent you to think and see clearly and disable you to make healthy decisions.

You need to be able to make a fresh start, hence the second card. The darkness must make room for the light. You are completely empty now, so to speak, you have given everything away, it is out of your hands and now it is time to unfold your hands, turn your palms upwards and open your heart, ready to receive new insights and energy. Now you can start to develop a new outlook again, to refocus. You must remember who you really are, you must make contact again with your authentic Self, who is a powerful, magnificent and very loved child of God. You must realize how loved you really are and how much love the Universe has in store for you. More importantly you must FEEL it! I recommend, that you meditate at this stage, quiet your mind and open yourself up to hear the voice of the Universe. Feel how your body regains energy and becomes powerful again. Then stand up and feel how both your feet are firmly placed on the ground, feel how you are grounded into the earth, take your place on this earth and feel that you are here for a reason, you are here with a mission. If you find your mission, you will live a satisfying life. Your mission is personal and no other human being can say anything about it or judge it, therefore you don’t have to be dependent on their approval of you. When you live your mission, you will feel love and worthiness intrinsically.

The ocean card is a metaphor, the metaphor of the big ocean and the little waves. You feel lonely, because you feel separated from the rest of the world, from everybody else, but that is an illusion. You see yourself as a little wave apart from the ocean, but that could not be further from the truth. The ocean is the total of all waves, they are all connected, it is a unity. Every wave is the ocean, and the ocean is every wave. Everyone is part of the big collective and equally valuable. Feel this truth and you will not feel unworthy. Feel this truth and you will walk on this earth powerfully and confidently, provided with all the loving help and support there is available in the Universe to guide and encourage you on your path.

Remember these three steps and apply them when feelings of seperateness and loneliness get hold of you. Stop, ask, sit, release, receive and realize! We are here for you! Love always,

-Archangel Raphael-

The art of receiving

Comfortably receiving, what does that feel like? Opening our arms and hearts to let in all of the gifts and blessings from the Universe without feeling unworthy or guilty. How can we do that? I asked the magnificent Ariel, the Archangel of manifestation, prosperity and divine magic, for guidance. These three cards fell out of the deck, when I was shuffling my cards for an answer, and this is what her accompanying message was. 

Courage is needed to let go of fears and insecurities in relation to asking for and receiving help and guidance from the angels. Remember that there is nothing to fear as we angels are pure love and have nothing but pure love and good intentions for you. I ask you to be brave, breathe deeply, let go of your worries and fears, empty your head, relax and let it happen. Have faith that we will always be here to help and support you, we are reliable and will never forsake you. Look your fear in the eye and see how it dissolves as soon as you set the intention to see only Love, there is nothing but Love, it is the force of the Universe!

Spend as much time Outdoors as possible to connect with nature. You are a part of nature and as soon as you feel at one with this beautiful Earth and feel that you are not separate from everyone and everything else, you will realize in your heart that you are worthy to fully rejoice and receive in this world. You have come here to live life to its fullest potential. God has magnificently created this beautiful planet and cares for all of its inhabitants, do not fear lack. Better yet, behold the beauty that surrounds you and then look at your own wonderful body, balanced and powerful. That is what you are, see your own beauty and appreciate your life. That is the key, appreciation. Realize how rich and blessed you already are with everything you have, see all the things that have become so natural to you with a new outlook of appreciation. Nature teaches you to remember how wondrous everything really is and if you marvel in wonder you will feel joyous and thankful again. Change your outlook and your state of being will become more receptive to the amazing Love the Universe is directing at the Earth and its inhabitants. You are a precious part of it all and you are cherished and cared for. Don’t think in lack, but rather in abundance, which already exists everywhere!

We angels are constantly pouring out a stream of love and abundance from the Universe towards the earth, Gifts from God. Your state of being determines if you recognize this stream as such. How can you be open to this stream of love and abundance, you ask? By simply opening your arms and heart and let it in. Human beings have a habit to make everything more difficult then it really is and to overthink things. It is a matter of letting go instead of adding more to it. Keep peeling of all of the layers until you remain in  your purest form. That does not require any effort from your part. You just have to relax and set the intention to be open to receive. Speak these words: “I open my arms and my heart to receive all the blessings and abundance, that the Universe has in store for me. I am worthy to receive, because I am who I am. Who I am is enough to receive all good things, this is how it is and how it should be. I receive and give in abundance, because abundance is all there is!” Feel the love, appreciation and nurturance God, the angels and all of the heavenly helpers have for you. Feeling unworthy or guilty are simply tricks of the ego to keep covering up your true authentic Self and preventing it to shine and prevail. Don’t listen to that voice, but choose silence instead, then you will be able to hear the angels. Watch for our signs, subtle feelings, “co-incidences”, people that suddenly appear on your path. When you let the angels into your life, you will live in an effortless flow. Relax, breathe, smile and rejoice, that is all you have to do, more is too much! Love always,

– Archangel Ariel –


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