Message from Archangel Chamuel featuring the symbolism of the ring

The ring

A ring represents unity, oneness, and eternal love. It is a symbol of dedication and commitment to a relationship or venture and of deep loyalty to our ideals, convictions, and responsibilities.

A ring can be used as a powerful tool to enhance our intentions, stimulate our desired vibration, and increase our focus and conscious awareness.

Our hands play a crucial part in our spiritual and physical life as they are one of the most important conduits for turning our thoughts into tangible manifestations. When we bring our attention to our hands and appreciate the role they play in our lives, we start to become aware of their natural energy and power, that we can increase even more by learning about their energetic meaning.

Our right hand is believed to be connected to our inner divine masculine energy related to physical action, and through this hand we give our energy, talents, and gifts to the world. Our left hand is believed be to connected to our inner divine feminine energy, and this is the hand with which we receive creativity and inspiration to develop beneficial qualities for ourselves.

Our fingers also reflect different energies and elements and by intentionally wearing a ring on a specific finger we strengthen our focus and intentions. For example, some people choose to wear a ring on their index finger as a reminder of the qualities of self-confidence, leadership, and focus, and a ring worn on the ring finger, like a traditional wedding band, is believed to be a reference to the heart-chakra and therefore symbolizes beauty, love, loyalty, and compassion.

Let’s find out why the wonderful Archangel Chamuel chose the symbol of the ring to feature in his message for us.

My beloved ones,

What a joy to be in your midst once again! I, Archangel Chamuel, have chosen the symbol of the ring to remind you of your eternal nature and the infinite possibilities of the universe. The circular shape of the ring radiates an energy of strength, devotion, and unity to help you navigate the many cycles of life. The ring metaphorically connects everything and everyone in a perfect state of oneness that cannot be broken or disintegrated.

A man-made ring is worn around your fingers and as your five fingers are assumed to represent the five symbolic elements connected to life on your planet, which are water, air, earth, fire, and ether, this specific piece of jewellery can serve as a beautiful reminder to harmoniously integrate and unite these elements into your human existence as they are interconnected and the one cannot fully develop or thrive without the other. It takes a certain level of awareness, dedication, and commitment to engage in this process of self-discovery and personal growth by recognizing and utilizing these five parts of nature, that are also a symbolic reflection of your inner energies and qualities.

For this message I would like to distinguish five areas in your life that you can metaphorically ‘put a ring on’ or in other words commit yourself to in order to cultivate your sense of oneness with all life and strengthen your eternal beingness of love and light. I will present you with five pointers connected to the symbolic elements that will be at the base of my encouragement and guidance to you. When you view them as a harmonious closed unit and a never ending flow of energy that continues to spiral upwards to more freedom, expansion, and grace, just like the symbolism of the ring depicts, you are on the trail of great blessings and joy in your life.

The first symbolic element of water, which represents your feelings, emotions, and intuition, is complimented by a ring of faith. Your faith in a higher power that guides you through life and supports and loves you unconditionally will help settle disturbing emotions of anxiety and despair. Faith is a practice, but most of all it is a choice, dear ones, by choosing to have faith, you surrender your heavy burdens to the universe and you make room for miraculous solutions and favourable outcomes to enter your life.

This preludes a smooth transition to the second element of air, which represents your mind, mental energy, and communication skills, and is complimented by the ring of surrender, because deep faith allows for a state of surrender in which you release all preconceived notions and ideas and open yourself up to divine inspiration and higher guidance. If you surrender to the flow of life, you no longer feel the need for control and suffer from the rigid tension of demands and expectations. Instead, you use the freed up energy and lightness of surrender to make the best of what life has to offer you in every given moment with a spirit of openness and appreciation, which brings me to the element of fire, which represents your personal strength, passion, and will-power, and is complimented by the ring of gratitude.

Instead of chasing after your earthly needs and desires with mere effort and strain using only your will-power, you use the powerful universal vibration of gratitude to easily attract more of what you wish for. If you teach yourself to practise gratitude on a daily basis and positively turn your attention on the goodness that surrounds you, it will multiply and bring you more manifestations of this same higher energy of joy and fulfilment. Remember that there is always something to be grateful for, it is a matter of focus and practice, which brings me to the element of earth, which represents your tangible reality that you can perceive through your physical senses, and is complemented by the ring of commitment.

Your commitment to practise and apply your spiritual truths in your daily life will lift your vibration and you will find this process to become easier every day.

Life as a human being involves going through repeating cycles, comparable to the cycles of nature, and as time passes and you commit to your spiritual growth and development, you will enter these cycles at different levels of awareness and enlightenment.

Be aware that this is not a matter of competition, an exhalted status, or hierarchy, but simply of becoming aware of who you truly are and expanding your divinely given talents and gifts by shedding the layers of confusion and complexity invented by the human mind.

Your commitment will eventually bare its fruits, which is reflected in the element of ether, which represent the higher spiritual worlds and your energetic connection to the Divine and all that is, and is complemented by the ring of peace. Inner peace is the greatest treasure you can find in this life, because it allows you to rise above the duality of life on earth and ensures a solid, secure foundation no matter what is going on around you or inside you for that matter. You will be able to relax and rejoice with ease knowing that from a divine and angelic perspective all is well and always will be.

You simply cannot lose, because you are an eternal energy-being, and this is where we come back to the symbolic meaning of the ring, the eternal oneness of all life, the eternal love for you that is always available, the eternal love that you consist of. Now the circle is complete, and may the man-made rings you wish to wear, regardless on which finger, be an inspiring reminder of my words and a reflection of your understanding of the powerful workings of the universal energies of love and light!

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© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

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