Message from Archangel Metatron featuring the symbolism of grass


Fresh green grass is one of the many beautiful symbols of spring and represents new beginnings, hope, vitality, growth, and expansion. Its vibrant green colour resonates with our ability to attract material wealth and abundance into our experience and establish excellent physical and emotional health and well-being.

Grass also teaches us about interconnectedness, togetherness, and the importance of having a solid foundation and strong roots. The underground root-system of grass holds all the single blades together in strong patches that work harmoniously together for their survival, growth, and expansion. It reminds us of the web of life in which all our individual words, thoughts, and actions affect the harmony and sense of community of life on our planet.

Grass plays an important part in holding large surfaces of soil together and is essential for preventing land-slides, erosion, and deterioration during heavy rainfall. As a natural collector of water through its roots and blades, grass effectively distributes moisture to the soil.

Water represents our emotions, so when we pay attention to our groundedness to the earth and our oneness with all life, it helps us to regulate our own emotions and our susceptibility to the influence of the emotional states of those around us.

The beautiful green colour of grass refers to the soothing, calm, and at the same time revitalizing energy of a balanced heart-chakra. It brings the message not to overlook the mundane and appreciate even the smallest wonders that occur in our in lives.

As one of the world’s most significant sources of food and oxygen, grass heralds a time of new ideas, prosperity, and fulfilment. Let’s see what Archangel Metatron adds to this wonderful, but quite unexpected choice of symbolism!

Dear ones,

I, Archangel Metatron, am happily appearing by your side to help you recognize and activate the wisdom, light, and higher energies that are swirling around in your heart and solidly ground them in your earthly reality. When you are incarnated in a human body you have access to all this magnificent knowledge and spiritual gifts, but they can only be useful to you if you integrate them into your human experience.

I have chosen the symbolism of grass, because these little green blades are so common and mundane to most people that their existence is often taken for granted and their importance overlooked, yet they are filled with the wisdom and magic of the universe and their growth and expansion fuelled by the powerful universal energy of love. When you are able to sense this in all living beings and natural elements, you open a portal to the core energy of your planet, Earth. As a human being you are dependent on this source of earth-energy for your happiness, health, and well-being.

You are created as a vessel between the Heavens and the Earth through which the energies flow up and down, hence the saying as above so below. This means that all life on your planet is a reflection of the higher realms and the wondrous structure and workings of the universe. Unfortunately, many human beings still cannot see this connection because of their distorted view and perspective causing them to feel isolated and forsaken, when all the while the universe is breathing all around them through the natural habitat that is your planet.

This sacred connection can only be felt through the heart. The heart is where the energies from Heaven and Earth come together and create a world of magic, an overflow of love, joy and abundance if the heart is open and receptive and not overruled by the thinking mind and an overprotective ego. True love can only be experienced through your connectedness with the universe as well as with your planet, therefore you must be present in your life, present with your natural environment, present in your body, and present with all living beings.

The love, joy, and abundance of life is captured in every natural element on Earth, even in the tiniest seemingly insignificant blade of grass. When you realize this, when you sense this through the wisdom in your heart, the world will come alive to you in a whole different way. You will experience the power and wisdom that is harnessed in the earth and revel in the wonder and beauty of creation. You will feel strengthened and at one with it and never again will you question your worthiness as a human being. Now, and only now, will you be grounded and stable enough to receive the powerful downloads from Spirit, the ancient codes of magic and knowledge, because you have achieved the perfect balance between Heaven and Earth within yourself.

Mental constructs of all sorts designed by the human mind obscure the joy that can be found in the simplicity of life, the beingness of the natural world, and the aliveness that you can feel within your own body and through your bodily senses. I, Archangel Metatron, am the guardian of highly attuned and sensitive children, which are the children as well as adults that can still access the purity and innocence in their hearts, and who feel the truth of my words resonate in their hearts. These are the people, and when you are reading or listening to this message, you are likely one of them, who can bring immense love and light into this world, because they possess the integrity to harness the power and energies of Heaven and Earth, and they are greatly supported by the angelic as well as the elemental energies and beings.

As nature is coming to life in spring, it is the excellent time for finding joy and pleasure in growth and expansion. Just like the plants and flowers start over with fresh new leaves and flower buds, so can you leave behind your old burdens, past mistakes, and unfortunate experiences and concentrate on new life, new ways of being, new opportunities, new ideas, and new projects. Have you ever seen a plant that refuses to let go of its old, brown, and dried up leaves? No! The natural world never looks back only forward towards the future, it fully embraces its new growth and allows its old leaves and flowers to turn into compost for the soil. Your past is like compost for your present and future expansion and spiritual growth because you have gained valuable experiences and learnt personal lessons that you would not have learnt any other way than through the living of your own life. Smile, when you see the freshness of green grass this spring season and enjoy its wonderful earthly as well as spiritual gifts to you by remembering my words, dear ones! You are greatly loved and blessed!

Dear lovely readers, thank you for your support, likes, and comments on these angelic messages! I hope Archangel Metatron’s words will bring you a renewed sense of joy and inspiration as they did for me! Sending you love, light, and blessings! Marielle 💛🌞🌿

© 2023 – Flowing with Angels – Marielle

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