Relationship reading

Relationships represent the mirrors in our lives. As we can only attract what we send out vibrationally, relationships show us what energy we are emanating and what patterns and beliefs are at play in our lives.

This reading is designed to bring clarity, wholeness and healing to all your relationships whether they are love connections, friendships, family bonds or professional relationships. 

In this reading I will ask the angels about the current state of your relationship, your current energies, the exchange of energy, feelings and emotions between you and the other person and most importantly what guidance the angels provide to bring balance, love, happiness and well-being to this relationship.

For this extensive and detailed reading I use the heart healing unit, which is a powerful energy tool that I received from Archangel Raphael, oracle cards as additional visual guidance and channeled messages from the angels.

This reading will be carried out remotely and will be send to you by email within 1 or 2 weeks. 

-Relationship reading: € 125,00-