2 Raspberry

The raspberry scoop of ice-cream represents emotional healing and growth through the concept of one-ness, unconditional love and an equal balance of giving and receiving love. It provides insight in our interaction with others in relationships, how we share our love, gifts and feelings with each other and how we communicate our emotional truth out into the world. Raspberry teaches us about:

Taking our place in this world by sharing our gifts and talents

This step is about breaking out of our comfort-zone into a new territory of adventure and expansion. Instead of keeping ourselves small due to a lack of  self-esteem, we gracefully claim our place in the world by sharing our natural gifts and talents. Instead of working overly hard to prove ourselves worthy or retreating completely, because we think we have nothing valuable to give, we take responsibility to step into our power with determination, courage and clarity.

We are no longer repressing our true nature and keeping our gifts hidden out of fear of rejection or not being good enough. We approach life with the question: What can we bring to this situation or relationship? Instead of: What is in it for me?

The prison of expectations, we hold ourselves in, and the pressing expectations we think others have of us, when it comes to our appearance, behaviour and the results of our efforts, starts to break down. We feel the strain of perfectionism melt away. Confidently engaging in life and following our passions starts with the bold decision to fully love and accept ourselves completely.

We also no longer feel the need to put high expectations and conditions onto others in order for us to feel good. When we come from a place of lack, we often unconsciously ask for things, that we are not giving ourselves. When we have an emotional mentality of lack in our hearts, nothing anybody can give us is ever good enough. This distorted perception is often accompanied by unrealistic “fantasy-land” projections, that only lead to disappointment and withdrawal.

When we release all our needs to the universe instead, fully believing that we are worthy of receiving everything we need and ask for, we can relax in gratitude. Giving thanks for our own and everybody else’s energy, gifts and talents makes it easier to be more content and to appreciate the riches that are already there for us. This motivates us to share more and more from the overflow of our hearts without expecting anything in return.

Acknowledging our truth and communicating it freely from our heart

This second step is right in the middle of the “ice cream program” and one of the most profound ones. It is about freeing our heart from old pain and emotions and then finding the courage and trust to fully open it again to the world.

Old fears caused by experiences of betrayal, hurt and mistreatment, make us distrustful and hold our heart-energy captive. We are afraid to truly show ourselves in our full glory and authenticity, which is what makes us feel alive and gives us our natural radiance of attractiveness and charisma. Instead we choose to wear masks, trying to be all things to all people, often self-sacrificing ourselves to become the bridge to meet others, where they are at. This is caused by an underlying fear of missing out, being excluded or being rejected, which stands in the way of a true, sincere connection.

When we scatter and squander our energy in this way, we will eventually pay the price for the stress and anxiety it brings to our lives. The tower of our old belief-system and ways of being and behaving will fall eventually to make way for a new solid beginning that is firmly grounded in taking back our true power. This forces us to take responsibility and make a commitment to tend to our own well-being. It is the big wake-up call, that catapults us to finally let go, release, forgive and redefine the truth of our heart and readjust our focus.

Who are we really? What are our true values, beliefs and desires? What do we really stand for? When we start to live and communicate our truth from our heart and authentic self, we create a momentum so strong, that the influence, opinions and power of others over us will simply dissipate. As we no longer forcefullty try to be something we are not, we can use and focus all of our precious energy for our highest good and become a true giver and receiver of love in all of our relationships.

Building up trust and taking a leap of faith

This last step is about practising our new found balance of giving and receiving love, which we can now start to integrate into our relationships. Our open flowing heart and strongly focused energy will attract other experiences in love to us. Even in relationships with people that we have known for a long time, we will see different results from our interactions.

By having liberated ourselves from the prison of fear and mental limitations, we lose our serious outlook and tenseness and make way for our creative juices to rise up to the surface. Our humour, charm and playfulness will come to life and bring a spark to our eyes as well as to our relationships.

Our new found openness and vulnerability improves our own sexuality and sexual connections, as our radiant life-force can finally flow freely through our bodies. When we combine this inspiring and uplifting energy with the true intimacy and connection from our heart-space, we will experience bliss and fulfilment in our intimate relationships. When we are currently without a partner, we will have no trouble attracting a healthy and mutually fulfilling relationship, because we are entering our connections from a place of truth, integrity and complete dedication and surrender. There is no more room in our heart for the pitfalls of doubt, lack, manipulation and control. We confidently take the big leap of faith towards unconditional love!

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