1 Chocolate

The chocolate scoop of ice cream represents self-love, self-worth, nourishment and grounding. It is about learning to give ourselves what we would like to receive in a relationship from someone else. We start to fulfill our own needs without projecting our neediness and feelings of lack and unworthiness onto others.

Chocolate teaches us to independently take responsibility for our own sense of joy and happiness by making our way back to inner peace, alignment and our passions in life. We restore our sense of self-worth by setting boundaries and avoiding self-sacrificing behaviour. Instead we become more playful and open in relation to others without expectations and control. Here’s how we do that:

Finding our true source of love and replenishment

The first step is to forgive ourselves for giving away our power to someone else. When we are overly focused on other people for our happiness, we make them the centre of our thoughts, feelings and actions instead of following our own paths and inner guidance.

We also have to forgive others for not being able to provide us with the love and affection we desire, as they are simply mirroring our own wounds, fears and defences. We have to let them “off the hook”, which means we no longer hold them responsible for our well-being and happiness. We cut the chords of dependency, neediness and attention and approval seeking.

We slowly start to redirect our focus and develop a new energetical vibration. We can do this by making our own life, our own passions a priority and learning to open our hearts to the abundance and love, that the universe is constantly pouring down on us. When we simplify our thoughts and focus on areas that are easy for us to approach with an open heart and a present mind, like our daily chores or our connection with nature, we start to find inner peace again. We become aware of the beauty, wonder and magic that surrounds us every day. We learn to feel at ease with ourselves and to find contentment and joy in our present activities and surroundings.

Listening to our inner guidance and sharpening our focus

Once we have found more inner peace through our focus on our own life and well-being, it will be easier to step away from our mental stories and limitations and make room for our heart and intuition to lead us forward. We can hear the wisdom and guidance, that is within our hearts in moments of silence and meditation.

This step is about utilizing our time and energy for our own personal and spiritual growth and development. It is important to nourish ourselves first before we can invest in relationships with others, as we can’t give what we don’t have. When we start to change our perspective and develop a brighter, lighter outlook on life, we can slowly break through our heavy and limiting self-imposed obstructions. At this stage we are preparing to become what we wish to attract out of others and from our relationships. We become more playful, joyful and fun to be around, as our energy flows more freely.

Finding the flow of ease, lightness and joyful synchronicities

When we discover the truth of who we are, we feel worthy of being carried by the flow of life, the flow of abundance and love from the universe. This balances out our heart-chakra when it comes to freely giving and receiving love. We return to a more innocent and natural state of not doubting our worthiness to receive and not holding back our love and gifts to others.

We start to expect better things from our lives, knowing that when we change our outlook and energy vibration, we will attract different things and people than we did in the past. Our circumstances will gradually start to mirror our new found point of attraction. In the meantime it is important to take it step by step and to have faith in the unfolding of an improved reality due to our renewed energy.

When we finish the cycle of the chocolate ice cream scoop, we are aware of our own truth and authenticity and we start to integrate these values into our lives. We have worked through our illusions and our shadow side behaviour to make way for a brand new beginning in our (love) lives. Our consciousness and energy frequency have reached a higher level of enlightenment.

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