3 Banana

The banana scoop of ice cream represents finding your true home within yourself, overcoming the neediness of the ego and finding your aliveness and inner peace by stepping into a transcendent inner stillness and state of presence.

When we no longer “need” people, situations and things to resolve our feelings of uneasiness, restlessness and the conditional living that goes with it, the universe ironically can deliver to us what we thought we needed, because there is no resistance and contradictory vibration within us anymore.

We have come home to the realm of our soul, where we feel at ease, fulfilled, awake and grateful, no longer chained to the nagging demands of our ego. We have learned to care for ourselves with a spirit and consciousness of truth, love generosity and prosperity, which allows us to live more freely and fully. Banana teaches us to:

Start looking where we are!

Through our fantasy we are able to visualize beautiful scenarios, outcomes and relationships, that we believe will bring us joy and happiness, but we rarely see the treasures, that lie right in front of us. We often simply fail to look, truly look with attention, presence and  appreciation.

Sometimes we unconsciously disregard people, situations and surroundings, that are familiar to us or have become part of our routine and comfort-zone, because we have already placed labels on them in our mind, leaving no room for unexpected twists and surprises.

The trick is to start seeing the world with different eyes again, new and open eyes, that are looking for new adventures, possibilities and inspiration. We have to expand our vision, go beyond the boundaries of our periphery and discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. When we make the conscious decision to be open, expansive and non-judgemental, higher levels of clarity and truth will reveal themselves to us.

There is a new sense of freedom to be found in bringing ourselves completely in our connections and communication, but without feeling bound or strained. At the same time we let others also be free, leaving space for them to simply be and breathe. We choose to focus on the positive aspects of every person and every situation. In the words of Eckhart Tolle: “We simply enjoy relating to others in the present moment.”

Our new way of looking also applies to our inner world. Do we really make room and take the time to listen to the voice of our inner guidance and intuition or are we stuck in fear, control and self-imposed illusions and limitations? When we master our inner world through our spiritual transformation and become filled with self-love and inner peace, we can look at the world with eyes of love and compassion. We start to take on the angelic outlook on life!

Start building our home on solid ground

Our inner home, which is our heart, is our portal to the outside world. It is what we bring with us when we interact with others.

Taking full responsibility for the state of our inner home means that we decide to clear it of old pain and negative emotions, because we believe ourselves worthy of living in the highest energy possible. We have to leave other people out of the equation and make this decision on behalf of our own well-being, because it is never about their behaviour, but our reaction to their behaviour and the extent in which we let it affect our stability and inner peace.

We can’t control the outside world, it is a waste of energy. We can however choose to focus our own energy on the positive and higher good of ourselves and others. We can assert our power of influence by being a living example of the changes we wish to experience in the world and the people around us.

Our inner home is ruled by the heart, not the ego, and the heart is where our true self resides. Our true self is never lost, only hidden under layers of dust and debris. We have to tune in to hear its voice and guidance. The structure of our home consists of our core values and what we stand for. When we define what words like integrity, truth, reliability, responsibility, self-confidence and self-belief really mean to us, we can align our actions and manifestations to them with a stronger energy focus.

We start to live by example and attract what we send out energetically. This step is about bringing out our personal sun, the power of our soul, the strength and conviction to increase our self-love and clear out all the things that don’t serve us anymore. We are no longer playing a role or wearing masks, but instead our true selves shines through from our hearts, speaking our own truth and following our own path. We finally learn to live authentically and fearlessly, while staying connected to our true nature.

Start believing in the result of our energy work

When we have gone through the process of finding our self-worth and realizing that in truth we are already complete, the fun part of the journey starts, because now there is a deep inner knowing, trust and joy at the base of everything we do.

We are able to celebrate every step of the way and every little accomplishment in the right direction. We trust in the flow of life, which will take us to our destination, we believe in a positive outcome, because we understand the interconnection between our energy and our manifestations.

This is a time of great momentum and forward movement. A time of taking responsibility for our own lives, of recognizing and appreciating our own talents and abilities. We practice self-love at the deepest level. We take action towards our goals and dreams from a place of self-belief and the belief in the best possible outcome. We have developed a deep faith in life, we adjusted our expectations of what is possible for us and allowed a higher perspective to replace our old limiting beliefs.

This is the freedom our soul was longing for! And this is the state of unconditional love, which will enable us to attract fulfilling and mutually loving and inspiring relationships into our reality!

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