The “ice cream” program

When I asked my guardian angel to tell me more about the angelic outlook on love and relationships, he showed me the image of an ice cream.

A big cone with three different scoops of ice cream on it. One chocolate flavoured brown scoop, one banana flavoured yellow scoop and one raspberry flavoured pink scoop of ice cream.

An ice cream symbolically represents success in love and a general sense of contentment in your life. The three different scoops of ice cream symbolize three elements of a successful relationship, which we need to develop and integrate in our own energy and life first.

My guardian angel explained, that ice in general represents “frozen emotions” or a lack of flow and progress in our thoughts, feelings and actions. There is a need to “defrost” or soften our hearts and go with the flow in a calm and grounded manner. The three areas represented by the ice cream cones need to flow freely and become a part of our personal base in life in order for us to attract healthy relationships.

The globular forms of the ice cream scoops also represent a state of enlightenment and a flowing and trusting nature.

Let’s take a closer look at the symbolism of the three different flavoured ice cream scoops, chocolate, raspberry and banana, and the angelic guidance they provide.

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            Chocolate                               Raspberry                                  Banana