Willingness: a powerful bridge between our present reality and our desires

Our present reality is “old news” in the sense that it has already manifested into being. Our past thoughts and feelings have summoned the energy that created and attracted these current manifestations. The pathway to manifesting a different reality and a more desirable outcome consists of changing our thoughts, feelings and beliefs through the process of forgiveness, (self)love, reflection and spiritual growth, so that our energy vibration rises and we can attract matching and more desirable energies, situations and people.

pexels-photo-814499 (2)Sometimes it seems like a difficult process to move from our old mental patterns and habits to a completely renewed mindset and energy. We may experience a lot of inner resistance or we simply do not know how and where to start.

Therefore it is recommandable to build our bridge to our new way of thinking and feeling brick by brick and to make these bricks out of our declarations of willingness. When we start declaring our willingness to the universe, the Law of Attraction will take care of the details and our building process will be an easy and gentle one. 

pexels-photo-1645825 (2)When we pronounce that we are willing to change, willing to release old habits and beliefs, willing to practise and do the work, willing to grow and learn, willing to forgive and willing to receive more love, inspiration, support, health and abundance, the universe will provide us with the stepping stones to do so.

With each small step we take, the momentum towards the new will start to accelerate and deliver us more and more synchronicities, guidance and insights. Doors will start to open with new possibilities of growth and expansion. 

Affirmations that start with the words I am willing have a soft and gentle energy to them. They conjure up less resistance when we are not yet fully convinced of and grounded in our new beliefs. Declaring our willingness to the universe creates an opening and a powerful starting point to our spiritual process of transformation. 

pexels-photo-1006121 (2)“My dear ones, I am Archangel Jophiel and among my areas of expertise are enlightenment, mental clarity and higher wisdom. My powerful yellow coloured ray of  energy is like a beacon of light on your life paths.

When you have reached the point at which you recognize that you have to change your life for the benefit of your well-being and happiness, call on me to help you on your way. Many fears and limited beliefs are held in your subconscious mind, deeply hidden and often repressed by your conscious mind. They keep you stuck in your ways and make you afraid of change.

When you pronounce that you are willing to change, the universe will help you bring these old pains, fears and limitations to the surface through the mirrors in your life in the form of people and situations, through dreams, through opportunities for reflection and even sudden wake-up calls.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice when this happens, because it is the start of your clearing and healing process. Through the unravelling of the old, you will begin to see glimpses of the new. Affirmations are powerful declarations and are heard throughout the universe. All your thoughts and words are energies, that activate the laws of the universe in bringing you what you are sending out energetically.

My encouragement is to keep declaring your willingness and intentions, keep focussing and keep feeling what you wish to manifest for yourself in this lifetime. Along your path of  growth and change you will start to discover who you really are, your own power and influence, your own creativity and manifestation abilities. Your trust and faith in the power of the universe and the enormous support that is available for you from the higher realms, will start to grow and it won’t be long before you will find yourself in the flow towards your spiritual rebirth.

When nature and all other life forms are so carefully tended to and loved by the universe, you can feel the deep certainty in your heart, that you will be too. Let yourself be inspired by taking in lots of fresh air, being in nature and embracing all the elements of the earth. Going back to the basics of your life, will help you find simplicity and ease.

Invite the angels to be with you, help you and guide you. There are many waiting for your call!”

– Archangel Jophiel –  


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