The home that is your heart

Guided meditations are a wonderful way for me to get insights and answers from the angels on topics, that are currently relevant in my life. Last night I received some beautiful metaphoric images from Archangel Raphael. While I was observing and enjoying them with my inner eyes, he kindly explained their meaning to me. This is what came to me through the loving guidance of Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael handed me a key with a keychain attached to it, which consisted of a string of hearts. Suddenly I was standing in front of a beautiful, grand manor house. It was a glorious sight. The building radiated a soft glow as if it was lit from within. This house represents your heart, use your key and open its door, Archangel Raphael said.

When I stepped inside the grand house, I was overtaken by the magnificent interior. It was lusciously decorated in soft colours with lovely ornaments and comfortable, inviting furniture. Leading of the long corridors were rooms yet to be discovered. What a great potential this house has, I thought to myself. So much space to enjoy and so much room for loved ones to come and stay.

This house is your heart and thus your home. It is up to you to take care of it and make it beautiful and authentically your own, to decorate it as you please and to enjoy it and experience it as a place of comfort and well-being, Archangel Raphael said.

While I was roaming through the rooms of this magnificent home, I began to feel more and more at ease and very grateful for the hidden gems, I found along the way. The more I rejoiced the more beautiful the house became in my experience.

Then I entered a large room. It was the kitchen of the house and what I saw inside brought an overwhelming feeling of love and joy into my heart. Next to a blazing, open fire, sat all of my friends and family-members around a big wooden table. They were having the best of times, laughing and talking. As I entered the room, I wholeheartedly took in the warm and friendly atmosphere. A big smile appeared on my face while tears of joy were running down my cheeks. A friend just came into the kitchen through another door. He was cold from traveling outside. I gave him a big hug and invited him to join the others at the table. I looked at the scene before me and beamed with joy, love and contentment. I came home.

Your heart-space is the most valuable “property” you will ever own. It is the gateway to all connections and interactions with the universe and the higher energies of love and light as well as your human relationships. I encourage you to cherish this beautiful “home” by keeping it clean and cosy. Spend as much quality time there as you can, by yourself and in the company of your loved ones, guides and angels. Make a commitment to yourself to take good care of your heart-home, so it will be a place of joy, love, well-being and oneness with others. A place, you can be proud of, as it is you and only you, who can put in the work and make it beautiful!

I drew three beautiful cards with an additional explanation by Archangel Raphael, to get you started on your heart-chakra-work.

“The first card literally depicts your heart. Its beautiful green colour reflects unconditional love and healing. As you can see, it is both connected to the higher “Light”, the higher realms, Source itself, as well as your own emotions and feelings, represented by the water beneath it. When your heart is open and you see through the open “eye” of your heart, you radiate this golden light from Source. This powerful beam of well-being, abundance and love can flow freely to and through your heart. When you allow this beautiful and powerful energy from Source to occupy your heart-space, your emotions and feelings will reach a higher level of stability and joy. You gain inner peace, inner joy and contentment. Your outlook on the world and everyone and everything in it, is loving and kind. This immensely benefits your energy and that of those around you. The first step is to be aware of this, to just take in this information and the importance of this “heart-work”. This realization alone will bring you to a higher level of awareness and spirituality. Just sit for a while and take in the symbolism of this card. “

“The second step, as represented by the next card, is to start practicing on working with your heart-chakra in your daily life. Through your interactions with both your fellow human beings and your angels, guides and other higher energies of unconditional love and light, you get insights in what is going on inside your heart. This is about taking down the walls around your heart and letting love flow to and through you. Interactions with others will bring you pointers on the state of your “heart-house”. Are these people welcome guests in your house? Do they behave themselves respectfully in your home and do they honour you and your possessions? Do they bring you gifts, love and joy from their own “heart-homes”? Visualize your “heart-home” and see what the situation is. How do they make you feel when you are in your “heart-home” with them. Do you like them to stay long-term, do you like their short visits or do you rather wish for them to leave? Take time for yourself to be alone in your “heart-house” now and again to clean and uplift the energy, to fill it with your wishes and intentions, that make you feel happy and joyous. Invite the higher energies to visit you for a while and allow them to work their magic in your “heart-home”, welcoming their gifts of healing, blessings and guidance. Reach out to your angels and they will happily and readily appear on your doorstep!”

“The third card speaks of the base chakra, which is associated with safety and grounding. This speaks of the solidity of your “heart-house”. Your heart-chakra is the gateway, but the base chakra is needed to ground your relationships, your wishes and desires into your reality. It is about manifesting people, situations and material things in your life by doing the energy-work in your heart first. When you take care of your heart, you develop a clear outlook on your life, on what is acceptable and what is not. You know yourself and you know your own worth as love is your primary driving force. This love and joy in your heart will generate the right energy-frequency to attract that, which matches your desires. This offers you a stable starting point for all of your manifestations as well as a feeling of being safe and grounded, knowing you are firmly connected to your Source and the Earth. Your heart connects the energies flowing down from the universe and floating up from the Earth, both are needed for you to live a happy and healthy life.”

– Archangel Raphael –

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