Remember who you are!

Who you are matters! And how you show up matters! Every moment of every day, no matter where you are or what you do, you matter! You are demonstrating the presence and the power and the love and the being-ness of God in everything that you do, you matter! It doesn’t matter who raised you, YOU matter, it doesn’t matter what they did, YOU matter! It matters what you do, because you matter! -Iyanla Vanzant-

I love these words so profoundly spoken by Iyanla Vanzant during one of her inspirational talks. No matter what the circumstances are or how other people are behaving, it is about you making the choice to be in alignment with your highest self and the Divine Source, to act in love and light, because you ARE love and light. Remember your true nature! I asked the Archangels for their guidance on how to stay grounded in this truth and the magnificent Archangel Raziel stepped forward with this beautiful message.

This is a very important topic and it is indeed the key to everything, the key to prosperity and well-being. My card summarises in one sentence what it is all about “Take back your power”! Your own power or strength, is the only thing, that you can exert influence on to bring more love and light into this world. Realising who you are is key. If you could only see yourselves like we angels see you. Powerful and radiant souls, sparks from the Divine, full of love and light and strength to create your own reality and manifest your dreams. I will lift the veil for you a little bit by providing you with guidance on how to take back your power and apply it for your highest good. Remember, you never really lost it in the first place, you merely temporarily forgot about it! Nothing or no one can disturb your essence or take what is yours, that is an illusion. I would like to help you through these three keywords, that are easy to remember. You can use them as a reminder when you feel like you are out of touch with your higher self and the universe.


Home represents many things, but in this case it refers to your base, the base of your existence, where you are really from, and energetically this means that your home is with Source, the divine Source of all life and energy. Remember, that God, Source or the Universe, or whatever you feel comfortable with calling it, is your home, your base, your place of refuge, where you can always, always return to. Simply by opening your heart, pouring out your heart, asking for help and allowing the spiritual Light-world, which is there on behalf of Source, to fully support, comfort and embrace you. Feel this embrace of the universe, feel this connection and feel that you are never alone, no matter how challenging the situation is or how threatening the people around you are, nothing or no one can destroy this connection, your home-base lies in your heart and you are there within the blink of an eye. Know that this is so, dear people, feel that this is so, experience that this is so. From this home-base in your heart and the stream of love and light, that flows through it, you can create and nurture your Earthly home-base. Look around you and decide which action step you can take to enhance your well-being. No matter how small this step may seem, pay attention to it. Know, that if you start walking, for every step you take, the universe will take two.


From this divine home-base in your heart and your connection to the universal, intelligent flow of strength, love, light and well-being, the most powerful energy there is, don’t forget this, you will start to take steps and move forward. Steps you take from this home-base are steps aiming for your highest good and well-being. Focus your attention on the very best and point your thoughts towards what you would like to manifest, your desired dreams and outcomes. Don’t hold back, reach for the stars, dream big! Visualise your dreams and speak positive words and affirmations and then focus your attention on your Earthly life, the forms and people around you. Aim your love and light well through clear and courageous steps forward. Know, that your positive focus will bring you a positive outcome, it is the universal law. Devotion also implies, that you don’t allow distractions to lead you off your path, to interfere with and diffuse your focus. Whatever others may say or do, look upon them with love and compassion, but don’t let them undermine you. Bless them and keep on walking, slowly but steadily. Don’t allow your light to be dimmed, but instead keep looking for possibilities to let it shine even brighter.


Trust is the last keyword and asks you to be courageous enough to let go of the outcome. Trust, that what you have put into motion with your powerful positive focus will eventually manifest, even though you can’t see physical evidence of it just yet. On an energetical level wheels are turning, so to speak, which you can’t see as a human being, but you can feel it. You can feel it in your heart and energy, you feel empowered and you know, and this is an inner knowing, that all good things must manifest, because you have brought out your love and light and shone it into the world. The effect is inevitable, because what you send out energetically will come back to you energetically. Trust, that this will take form for your highest good. Release the outcome and trust that the universe in its infinite wisdom will bring you the forms that suit you best and serve your highest well-being. Don’t limit yourself by filling in the how, what or when, but simply open your heart and arms to receive. Stay anchored in gratitude, because it is already there in spirit, now allow it to manifest effortlessly into your life.

Beloved ones, take these steps to heart whenever life is challenging, whenever you are feeling lost. Know, that the road to Home is truly easy to find. Know that Home is a place of inspiration and rejuvenation, allowing you to emerge courageously and joyfully to continue your path and to see your life unfold for your highest good. Don’t forget, that there is a tremendous amount of love, support and help available to you from Source and the Light-world. Don’t underestimate its worth! In love and blessings.

-Archangel Raziel-

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