The angelic outlook on bullying

I asked the magnificent Archangel Sandalphon some questions on the topic of bullying, as it has such a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people, affecting their health, well-being and happiness.

Why do people bully other people?

You ask why people bully other people, why people feel the urge to belittle others and make their lives difficult with unkind and undermining words and behaviour. The answer lies with the bullies themselves. People who are unhappy in their own skin, are people who focus negatively on others. There are blockages in their bodies and energy-systems, that cause them to feel unhappy. Maybe at one point they were bullied themselves. One thing is certain, they encountered negative, undermining experiences, that affected their personal happiness and self-confidence. Human beings, who are balanced and have sorted out their energy, in other words, who have faced and cleared their own blockages, are open channels for love and light to flow through. They have no desire to treat other people badly, they hold no grudges against or feel threatened by others. They stand in their own power and strength and focus upon their own paths and future. They won’t allow restless, negative emotions and feelings to linger, but instead they choose to move forward. Life smiles upon them and they wish to make the best of their time here on earth. An abundance of positive energy, love and light radiates out from them, lighting up the lives of many.

People, who are bullies or people who are being bullied right now, should realise these two things:

Someone, who feels the need to bully others, has blockages in his or her body and energy and should ask him- or herself where these negative emotions are coming from, so they can be healed. We angels would gladly offer our assistance with this process.

These blockages cause someone, who bullies others, to remain stuck in the past. In a so-called prison of negative patterns and conditioning. These negative emotions prevent them to grow and move forward and to embrace the future in a positive way. The progress and development of their good gifts gets obstructed.

Send those, who behave in this unconscious way, love and light, because they need it. Pray for their hearts to open and their energy to flow freely again, so they can feel joyful and relaxed, because a joyful and relaxed human being has no need to cause others harm in any way, shape or form.

What can you do when you are being bullied?

When you are being bullied, it can feel like a big weight upon your shoulders. The emotions and feelings that arise in this situation, affect your happiness and self-confidence. Realise, that you suffer from the negative energy, that someone else projects onto you. It has nothing to do with who you are and your intrinsic worth. Know, that you are a beloved child of God and always will be. Nothing or nobody can ever change that, nothing or nobody can affect your true self. Look at it as a cloud that hangs over you, a cloud of negative energy, that someone has sent to you. This cloud filled with negativity affects your body and energy, but it is not attached to you, it can be removed. Free yourself from this cloud, send it away or better yet ask the angels to resolve this cloud for you. Cleanse yourself energetically. Visualize a shower of light washing away all the pain and negativity.

When someone gets bullied, it always leads to the question: Why? Why me? It triggers old memories of when you felt unworthy, not good enough or even bad. Nobody deserves to be mistreated, it has nothing to do with you or what you did or didn’t do. Release the past. Let go of what happened, again and again. Focus upon strengthening your energy, ask for a clear outlook to see the spiritual truth, that you are a radiating human being with a lot of love and light to bring into this world. Let go of everything that prevents you from standing in your power. Don’t dwell on what has happened, stop endlessly analysing and reliving it. Let it go, because it doesn’t serve you, dear human. Ask the angels to cleanse you and bring you renewed strength and confidence. These experiences are not attached to your true self, you can free yourself from them and leave them behind!

How can you take back your power and strength and keep a positive outlook on life?

People, who bully, and people, who feel victimized by bullying behaviour have one thing in common. They allow negative emotions and blockages to disturb and pollute their energy. They suffer from feelings of unhappiness and a lack of confidence. It is very important to clear your energy on a regular basis and see if you notice any blockages or resistance. The quicker you learn to discover when your body and energy-system are unbalanced, the quicker you can take steps to restore your balance. A person, who is balanced, is firmly grounded, full of confidence and radiates positivity. Take good care of yourselves, dear people, ask the angels for help and support. We can help you with conquering negativity and the cleansing and protection of your energy. Like I said before, someone, who is filled with love and light, radiates out this energy and influences the lives of others in a positive and uplifting way. Their abundance- consciousness allows them to give freely and effortlessly encourage others. This is your natural state. Try to reach this state and find, that nothing or nobody can affect your inner peace and calm. Real strength and power comes from within, it is not a mask you put on to face the world or learned behaviour, it is based on your connection with the divinely intelligent energy flow of the universe. If you realise who you truly are and embrace the love and help, that is there for you, nothing or nobody can harm you. It doesn’t matter who you encounter in life or what situation comes your way, you are able to bounce back and stay authentic. This is true power and true self-confidence, dear people. Keep searching for it and asking for it. We are very happy to be of service to you!

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