Spiritual growth is a dance!

Spiritual growth is not a consistently rising linear line, but rather a forward movement of cycles, which some days will set you back and other days will make you leap forward.

It is like a dance, you take a few steps forward, you take a few steps back, you swirl around, you move in a different direction and you get to see all the corners of the ballroom. It is an ongoing process, but practising the dance and learning the steps will soon make you an excellent dancer, moving through life easily and elegantly, because you understand that this is how it is meant to be. It is not about being perfect or flawless, because making mistakes is inevitable and part of being human. It is about picking yourself up when you trip, dusting yourself of and straightening your clothes to keep on dancing the dance of life!

The ego loves to make you feel insecure. When you get a step wrong or fall to the floor, the little voice inside your mind goes: “See, you handled that all wrong, you just can’t do it right, you are supposed to know better, you are a spiritual person, remember!” Feelings of guilt and shame take over and your energy-frequency plummets like the temperature on a cold winter’s night, leaving you discouraged and depleted.

This is how I felt this morning, when I found myself in a frantic rush, yelling at my son to hurry up and feeling frustrated that nothing went right or rather the way I wanted it to go. Afterwards, when my husband went to work and my son was off to school, I felt cross with myself for not having been able to stay calm and centred. I felt I should have known and done better, but then I came across this beautiful insight about life and growth being a dance and decided to turn this unfortunate start of the morning into a meaningful reminder and a powerful encouragement.

Don’t let the ego get you down, reach out to the angels for help. They will rush to your side to pick you up, lead you back to the dancefloor, even dance with you for a while, help you to remember the steps and then stand aside to applaude you while you show everyone your moves. Remember this, everytime you feel unworthy or ashamed of something you have done or failed to do. It is a DANCE, lovely people! 😊

As always, I like to draw some oracle cards and ask the angels for their point of view. This time I asked my beautiful guardian angel Mimosa for a message, as he is right there with me on the dancefloor every single day!

Dear Marielle, I have given you the first card Opening to Love as an affirmation, that no matter how you feel, you set out to search for and open yourself up to higher wisdom. That is a beautiful step to take. You realize that you get triggered by a situation, you realize that your ego tries to take you down. And at that point, at that exact moment, you know you have the choice to give in, to feel miserable and become a victim or to do something about it and turn it into something beneficial. Your heart is open and if your heart is open, you will experience that Love is the biggest force in the Universe and you will allow Love to heal your heart and lift your mood. Your heart is radiating, my dear child, your heart is being warmed by the Love, you allow to flow through it. This is my advice to everyone, who feels discouraged, begin to open your heart! Don’t slam the door, don’t give up, but be brave and open yourself up to the Love of the Universe, that is right there for you and behold what happens. Love will dissolve any heaviness and will melt away any negative thoughts and feelings, like snow is melted by the warmth of the sun. You know, that I am your Sun, Marielle, and this is true for all the other guardian angels as well.  If you open your heart to your guardian angel, they will be able to help you and warm your heart.

The second card Share the Message of Love seamlessly merges with the first one, because if your heart is filled with Love, and starts to overflow with Love, you have a lot of Love to offer to this world. You turn your less pleasant experiences, your frustrations and sadness into a force for good, which is Love, by using them to help others. You transform negativity into positivity. Love brings healing and by speaking and sharing your words, this world gets healed a little bit more every time. Someone will read your experience and will see the sun breaking through the dark clouds. That is why it is so important and valuable to talk to each other and to encourage each other. Everyone goes through the cycles of life, everyone dances through life. Dance with each other, teach each other new dance steps, let someone lead you and in return be someone else’s leader. Share the Love amongst each other and let it flow freely, it is a gift to the world, if you do so.

The last card is The Ocean. You already know what this means, Marielle, it amplifies how everything is connected, the big ocean consisting of all these little waves, that are all connected to each other, because together they form the same great, big ocean. If you allow Love to come into your heart and let it heal you, you also heal others, as you are all One. The Ocean represents healing. Love is a powerful healing force, share Love and heal each other. It is a very powerful exchange.

I encourage you to open your heart, let Love, unconditional Love, which is available to everyone in the Universe, flow into it. Always remember, that you are greatly loved! Let your heart overflow with Love, be generous, let your Love flow freely to others. Bring healing and speak positive, encouraging words, when you see someone struggling to dance or fall to the floor, help them with your Love.

In short, the most important lesson of all, if you let yourself be filled up with Love, you will not only heal yourself but others as well, because everything and everyone is connected. Form a big, powerful healing wave of cleansing water together and bring a little bit more Light and Love into this world!

-Mimosa, Marielle’s guardian angel-

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