Energyclearing through forgiveness

Since embracing a conscious lifestyle filled with angelic guidance causing more and more love and light to flow through my heart and soul everyday, I haven’t experienced heavy outbursts of anger or direct clashes with other people for a very long time. However I do feel drained and unhappy sometimes because of the more subtle forms of anger and resentment. These saboteurs are often linked to past grievances and unresolved issues with ourselves and other people and are dormant in our minds most of the time, but can be unconsciously triggered in the present moment. This causes the same unpleasant feelings and emotions to surface and drain our energy once more.

The last time this happened to me, I asked the angels for a message and they presented me with the forgiveness card. I have heard and read a lot about the power of forgiveness throughout the years and how it can help you detach from negativity and move on with a clean slate, but it always remained a bit of an abstract concept to me.

I was curious to see what the Archangels would say about this subject. I channelled this beautiful message from Archangel Jophiel and with the help of my oracle cards she also provided me with clear action steps and the insight that forgiveness is linked to energy clearing.

I am here with you, dear Marielle. Write, my dear child, as it is part of your life’s purpose. Relax and listen without judgement. Forgiveness is something you practise for yourself, to clear your own energy. If you hold on to judgements and negative thoughts about yourself and others, you bring yourself down and burden yourself with an incredibly heavy load, which will cloud your outlook and diminish your joy in life. A lot of people consciously or unconsciously cling to convictions, that do not serve them.

I will start by telling you about self-forgiveness. Every human being comes to Earth to walk his or her lifepath, to experience, to learn and to grow. On this path, you will encounter other human beings and mostly in connection to them situations will arise, where things will not always go smoothly or misunderstandings will occur. The worst thing you can do is to punish yourself for these bumps in the road. Just accept that it is part of the learning experience called life, take responsibility to mend what can be mended and then release it, through cathartic writing for instance, write it down in your book of learning experiences, so to speak. If you do not release it, it will get stuck in your energy-system, where it will cause anxiety and chaos and eventually will seep through to your physical body and cause disease. The same thing happens when in your opinion someone else is to blame. Behold the phrase in your opinion, as seeing faults in one another is purely part of the human perspective, on a spiritual level there are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn. If you feel like someone has mistreated or hurt you, you generate the same undermining feelings and emotions as if you would blame yourself. Only now you proclaim yourself to be the victim in this situation and drown yourself in self-pity. It is unpleasant to experience injustice, no question about it, but there are two things that should immediately cross your mind. Firstly, the damage has been done, there is no way to undo it, it is what it is, you have no choice but to accept what is. Secondly, realise that when you keep marinating in negative emotions you will poison yourself. Feel, relive and let go, clear yourself of all negativity, clear your energy-body, so you can move on in peace. Do not let anger or resentment hold you in its grip, continue to live your life and do not allow it to distract you from your life’s mission. I will present you with beautiful action steps through these lovely flower cards, which I helped Mariëlle pull from the deck and lay out in the correct order.

Peer pressure

This card indicates external influences involving other people and situations, which affect you, like disagreements and misunderstandings. This is what can happen when you connect and interact with other human beings sometimes. The message is about not getting caught up in someone else’s energy and emotions. Stay grounded within yourself. To do this you need to shield yourself, which is the next card.

Shield yourself

It is necessary to protect yourself to avoid escalation, stop any reactive behaviour and ask us angels to help you. Remove yourself physically from the situation if possible. Cut the energetical connection between yourself and the other person, ask Archangel Michael for help to do so. Try to remain calm and peaceful, know that anger and irritation are lower energies and only add fuel to the fire and cause additional pain. Shielding yourself is all about taking your distance both physically as well as energetically, ask the angels for a pillar of protective and healing light.

Let go of anxiety

As soon as you have taken your distance and you have come to yourself again, you can still feel the whirlwind of stirred up emotions inside your mind and body. This restless energy still flows around in your system and is effecting your well-being. Now is the time to collect all these emotions, to look at them with compassion and then release them. Let them go, surrender, give them to us angels, we are happy to take them from you and to transform them in the light. If you let go of your emotions you will be able to calm and centre yourself again. In this state of being you are more receptive to our loving help. You will be able to hear our whispers of reassurance in your ear, which will bring us to the last card.

Raise your vibration

With the help and support of the angels you can raise your energy frequency or vibration, which enables you to clearly hear our messages and guidance. You will be provided with a clear vision on which way to go and what steps to take next. This will lead you to the path that is right for you and will bring you closer to your life’s mission. You start to gravitate towards true joy and fulfilment.

As you can see, forgiveness really is all about self-care. It is about how you handle situations and in what way you interact with people. It is about guarding your inner peace, protecting this treasure, as it determines whether you stand or fall. As far as unconscious hidden resentment is concerned, your body is a beautiful detector of disharmonies and unbalance due to unresolved negative emotions. As soon as your energy levels drop and you do not have a fresh, peaceful outlook anymore, it is a sign that something is not right.

Turn to these steps, know what is good for you, protect yourself, let go, raise your vibration with the help of the angels.

It all comes down to inner peace and how do you keep it? By regularly cleaning your energy. Ask us angels to help you. The more you practise clearing your energy, the easier and the more natural it will become.

I bless you, dear child, for being open to receiving this important message, share it with the world and by doing so, make this world a little bit better. In love,

 -Archangel Jophiel-

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