The truth about rejection

Today was my son’s annual school trip to a local theme-park. As all his classmates were gathering in the hallway early this morning, the children whose parents were asked to chauffeur, chose other children to ride in the car with them. As more and more happy groups were forming, my son didn’t get picked. One mother suggested to take him with them, but her son bluntly declined and said he would rather pick someone else. The look of disappointment and hurt on my son’s face, when he stood there as one of the last remaining children, waiting to get picked, felt like a dagger going through my heart.

This is the painful feeling of rejection, which all of us suffer through one time or another in our lives. Eventually my son did get to ride with a lovely group and he did enjoy himself on his adventurous outing, but the bad taste of sadness and hurt still lingered in my mouth, so when he was off having fun, I decided to ask the angels about rejection and the painful emotions it causes. I drew some oracle cards and the wise and warm Archangel Raziel had a complimenting message for me.

This incident really gets to you, because you have been there yourself and you know exactly how it feels when you see it happen to someone else. Your sensitivity causes you to be able to feel the same emotion. Every time you experienced rejection in your life, a little piece of your soul got broken, so to speak, because you weren’t conscious yet of the spiritual Truth and the Divine Love of the Universe. You were conditioned, like many, to search for the approval of other people. This already started at a very young age, in your up-bringing you were taught that love is conditional. Behave and be sweet otherwise you will lose your parents’ love and affection. This causes people to desperately seek for approval to feel whole again, to try to smoothen and mend these damaged parts of their soul. That is why it is necessary to get some insights in what is truly going on.

Your past causes you to still react and feel this way, your old wounds stir up these emotions. If you would really know and feel the true Love, that is here for you unconditionally, nothing or nobody would be able to give you the feeling of rejection, dear child. You would feel completely different! You must take an honest look at your past and realize that you are still being influenced by it. Healing is needed for all those times, that you felt rejected as a child and even as an unconscious adult. I say “felt”, as it is nothing but a feeling. From a human perspective, you see “the one” and “the other”, you and me, but in fact we are all One, everything and everybody is One. And if this is so, how can you feel rejected? It is something you put upon yourself, the story you tell yourself in your head. Feel these emotions, be honest with yourself, see them for what they really are and they will lose their power over you and you can then release them! If you have gone through this process of healing, a big weight will be lifted of your shoulders, because the emotion of rejection is felt deep inside your heart.

The art of living is to find your own way and make your own plans without the fear of rejection. You have come to this world with your own special mission and that has nothing to do with anyone else’s point of view or approval. Nobody can really feel what you feel and know what you know, that is why you must learn to trust yourself and not depend on someone else’s approval. Remember that the whole loving Universe is always on your side! When negative, undermining emotions get a hold of you, you momentarily lose your connection with us, until you realize what is happening and you start finding us again, asking for help and opening your heart to our love, which will make your emotions disappear, like snow in the sun. You can surrender everything to us, we will free you of your burden and fill you with our love, energy and support. You will soon thrive again. In these moments of quiet contemplation, you will renew your strength and fly high again on our fuel of pure love. Don’t forget who you are, dear child, you are a wonderful child of God and highly appreciated by the whole Universe. We watch you and cheer you on every step of the way, it is true! We rejoice every time a human being finds the stillness and looks for higher guidance and gains new insights. Let us help you, dear child, you don’t have to do it all by yourself! In love and always here for you,

-Archangel Raziel-


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