The art of receiving

Comfortably receiving, what does that feel like? Opening our arms and hearts to let in all of the gifts and blessings from the Universe without feeling unworthy or guilty. How can we do that? I asked the magnificent Ariel, the Archangel of manifestation, prosperity and divine magic, for guidance. These three cards fell out of the deck, when I was shuffling my cards for an answer, and this is what her accompanying message was. 

Courage is needed to let go of fears and insecurities in relation to asking for and receiving help and guidance from the angels. Remember that there is nothing to fear as we angels are pure love and have nothing but pure love and good intentions for you. I ask you to be brave, breathe deeply, let go of your worries and fears, empty your head, relax and let it happen. Have faith that we will always be here to help and support you, we are reliable and will never forsake you. Look your fear in the eye and see how it dissolves as soon as you set the intention to see only Love, there is nothing but Love, it is the force of the Universe!

Spend as much time Outdoors as possible to connect with nature. You are a part of nature and as soon as you feel at one with this beautiful Earth and feel that you are not separate from everyone and everything else, you will realize in your heart that you are worthy to fully rejoice and receive in this world. You have come here to live life to its fullest potential. God has magnificently created this beautiful planet and cares for all of its inhabitants, do not fear lack. Better yet, behold the beauty that surrounds you and then look at your own wonderful body, balanced and powerful. That is what you are, see your own beauty and appreciate your life. That is the key, appreciation. Realize how rich and blessed you already are with everything you have, see all the things that have become so natural to you with a new outlook of appreciation. Nature teaches you to remember how wondrous everything really is and if you marvel in wonder you will feel joyous and thankful again. Change your outlook and your state of being will become more receptive to the amazing Love the Universe is directing at the Earth and its inhabitants. You are a precious part of it all and you are cherished and cared for. Don’t think in lack, but rather in abundance, which already exists everywhere!

We angels are constantly pouring out a stream of love and abundance from the Universe towards the earth, Gifts from God. Your state of being determines if you recognize this stream as such. How can you be open to this stream of love and abundance, you ask? By simply opening your arms and heart and let it in. Human beings have a habit to make everything more difficult then it really is and to overthink things. It is a matter of letting go instead of adding more to it. Keep peeling of all of the layers until you remain in  your purest form. That does not require any effort from your part. You just have to relax and set the intention to be open to receive. Speak these words: “I open my arms and my heart to receive all the blessings and abundance, that the Universe has in store for me. I am worthy to receive, because I am who I am. Who I am is enough to receive all good things, this is how it is and how it should be. I receive and give in abundance, because abundance is all there is!” Feel the love, appreciation and nurturance God, the angels and all of the heavenly helpers have for you. Feeling unworthy or guilty are simply tricks of the ego to keep covering up your true authentic Self and preventing it to shine and prevail. Don’t listen to that voice, but choose silence instead, then you will be able to hear the angels. Watch for our signs, subtle feelings, “co-incidences”, people that suddenly appear on your path. When you let the angels into your life, you will live in an effortless flow. Relax, breathe, smile and rejoice, that is all you have to do, more is too much! Love always,

– Archangel Ariel –

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